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Women Empowering Women

March 8th, 2019 is a day of Women Empowering Women. It’s called International Women’s Day and has been in existence since 1975. What is fabulous, is that it is celebrated around the world by all different cultures and different cities. But wherever you are, it is a chance to mentor or be mentored. By helping each other, we all have the opportunity to be great at whatever we choose to do. Whether it is empowering women in the workplace or giving business ideas for women. Lets give women who are struggling, a leg up the ladder, so we can all be brilliant together.

Why is this so important? Without it, we would not have the right to vote today. We wouldn’t be fighting for equal pay for equal work. Women still struggle to support themselves. Many women are not able to make their own choices in life or in a specific occupation. Which unfortunately means many women do not share the right to a happy, healthy life.

Women in the Workplace

It is important that we take leadership roles in business. Don’t wait to be asked.

I remember years ago having a conversation with one of the senior directors of the company I worked for and complaining to him. Our company was going through a merger and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be confirmed to manage the newly formed department or not. How long did I have to wait I asked. Without it, I felt I could not make decisions affecting the future of the department. His answer to me was “Janet, no one hands you power. You take the power yourself.” What was I thinking.  He was right. I had disempowered myself. The best advice I ever received. My decision that day was the position was mine. I acted like it, and it became mine. I have never looked back. The power is always mine if I choose.

That is the mind set I try to instill with women I mentor. “Grab it, it is yours if you want it.”

Business Ideas for Women

For most of my career I have been a woman in a male dominated business. Still am. This time my business is serving up SEO coaching to small business owners, especially for women. Believe it or not, SEO is also a male dominated business.

That certainly doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have an SEO business. There is plenty of room for women. Here is a business idea for women especially those women who have small businesses: We are the best coaches, because we can nurture and be supportive in helping someone grow their business. Whether it is SEO or some other product or service, women can be awesome at coaching.

SEO For Women

While looking up for some keyword phrases to use for this blog article we were blown away with the lack of keyword phrases relating to “women in business”. Women are not typing into Google phrases that link to women owned businesses. If a woman types in “general help” questions on marketing ideas, or SEO, her answer will more likely come from a man since they are the majority. However, if she asks the question from a woman, she is more likely to get some support from other women. These are women that have struggled to success and feel her pain and can give insights into the best route to success and the obstacles to overcome. We need more women asking keyword phrases with the word “woman” or “women” in them.

Most of the marketing gurus are men. But we are seeing more and more women coming to the forefront and we should be paying attention. They have great advice that is geared to helping women build fabulous successful businesses and thrive. As a caveat I am not saying men don’t have answers for you, but it will never be from a female perspective. Just food for thought.

Women’s International Day

So as March 8th approaches, do some research and find out if there is an International Women’s Day symposium near you. If you can, attend and share your expertise, or if you need assistance, ask a successful woman to help you.

My contribution was donating my marketing support to one International Woman’s Day event in Southern California and feel so glad that I was able to create some posts for their social media. Every little bit helps. Here are two samples:

Women Empowering Women

Women’s International Day

Women Empowering Women

SEO Keywords for Women in Business

Oh, and let’s try and let Google know we want more keyword phrases designed for women. Google will offer up whatever we ask for. Start typing…..

Here are a sample of some I found – but not enough:
“women empowering women”
“women in business”
“empowering women in the workplace”
“business ideas for women”
“small business ideas for women”
“small business for women”
“women empowerment topics”
“women empowering women meaning”

Lastly I would like to leave you with this quote from Diana Ross.

quote from Diana Ross

Diana Ross quote


Empowering Women means empowering ourselves. Look at where you want to go. Then put in place the plan to make it happen.

P.S. Here’s a short video I created in celebration of 2019 International Women’s Day.

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By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist