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Listening to white noise generator with computer headphones

Some people love listening to music while they work. Not me. Instead, I find it’s the sounds of nature I need for focused attention. So, when I’m in a place with distracting sounds I yearn for a white noise generator.

While silence may be golden, unless you live in the mountains, it can be hard to find. Right now, I have traded in country life for the big city. I am currently staying in Las Vegas where I’m surrounded by noisy neighbors. Summer in the city often includes the sounds of traffic, dogs barking, and lawn mowers.

City sounds can get on your nerves and interfere with concentration. Studies show that not all noise is bad. Ambient noises can help increase creativity and make us more productive. I’m excited to share an online white noise generator I recently learned about that creates ambient noises.

Meet Noisli a simple program that serenades you with a host of background noises. The 16 tracks span such sounds as the: rain, ocean, coffee shop, and more. Sound tracks can be solo or combined, allowing you to create the background that meets your needs. The background color changes to add variety.

Noisli white noise red

What I like about Noisli is its ease of use. No login or signup required. Check out their website and start listening to the sound tracks. With a click of the mouse you can toggle any of sounds on and off.

If you want to go to the next level, you’ll need to download the Chrome Browser extension. Sign up for a free account using an email address, Google ID, or Facebook account. Advanced features include saving sound tracks, a timer, and distraction free writing.

Noisli is also available as a purchased app for phones and tablets (iOS and Android). The price runs about $1.99 and does not include as many features as the desktop application. Save your money and use the computer version for free.

White noise generators like Noisli are ideal for anyone that works at home. Within seconds you can drown out annoying noises. Noisli’s sounds boost productivity and foster relaxation. It’s great to have an easy to use program to stay focused in a world full of distractions.

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Noisli White Noise Generator Mini-Training

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By Gillian Whitney

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