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We all thought having a Facebook Business page was the most important social media presence to have for your business. But in a study from ROI Research, 59 per cent of respondents say LinkedIn is their most important account on social networks. But how do I use LinkedIn to promote my business you may ask?

Every day we hear about why it is important for a business to have a presence on Facebook. There are a few good reasons. Facebook Business Pages are public so easy to find them by prospects even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

If someone “googles” you, they are sure to see your Facebook Business Page Link. When someone does visit, they will see your “About” section and learn some facts about your business. Some businesses use it as a main place to showcase their products. Even replacing a website. But if you are hoping that if you post consistently that Facebook viewers will see your posts in their newsfeed, your chances are slim.

We are hearing that Facebook is continuing to minimize Business Page posts to people who LIKED their page. So, though there are some good reasons to have a Facebook presence, it is having less of an impact in organic growth. Facebook Ads may be the only recourse. That costs money, and if you are not good at it, your money may be wasted. But either way, that still puts the control in your prospects hand, not yours. You can’t control who will click on your ad.

Many big personal brands are now using LinkedIn as their go to for organic growth. So, if LinkedIn is now becoming a huge alternative for businesses, how can you use it to your advantage?

Welcome to LinkedIn. Let’s see if LinkedIn is right for you. First you have to get rid of the myth that LinkedIn is just for job hunting. So not true! There are over 500 million people worldwide on LinkedIn and every 2 seconds someone else is joining. Do you think all 500 million are looking for jobs!! Most people on LinkedIn are there because they are business professionals and they want to connect with other like-minded people.

Your prospective customers may well be on LinkedIn. It’s certainly easy to find out. Most of the LinkedIn audience are educated people with average incomes of $100K or more. If these are your ideal clients or as we say your perfect Avatar, this may be the place for you to be. 

Here are some really good reasons for being on LinkedIn that you may not have considered.


Organic Growth Still Available

People are still viewing your organic posts (unlike Facebook). So, you have a great opportunity to share all sorts of things so your “connections” can see what you are up to and if you play your cards right, they will want to visit with you offline.


Easy to Talk To

Once you have set up a profile, you can easily search for people you already know and ask them to “connect”. You can also send them messages in advance of connection, so they know why to connect. Or you can send messages to those you are already connected to. Start a conversation and lead them to meet offline either with a face to face or conference call, to continue the dialogue.


LinkedIn App

You can add the LinkedIn App to your mobile phone. This allows you very easily to create a video in the moment and post on LinkedIn. You can also upload photos on the fly as well. Just went to a meeting. Want some things to share. Before you are home your post is published and people are commenting.

How to Post Something on LinkedIn?

How do you post something on LinkedIn? You have two ways to post content.
The first is to create an article. It can be fairly long (like a mini blog) with a graphic. You can refer people to your article. Or if they go to your profile, they will see all of your articles that enhances their awareness on a particular topic. The other way is to post (just like Facebook) with a graphic or video and some text above.

linkedin content

LInkedIn content can consist of: articles, posts, videos, and documents


SEO Opportunities

Your Linked In Profile is an awesome opportunity to get found online. It can help your SEO (search engine optimization). The first way is that your LinkedIn profile will show up if someone “googles” your name. The second is by using hashtags # in your posts. LinkedIn will offer you some choices. If they fit, use them. If not replace with what you think is more fitting. Make sure that the first 3 Hashtags in your post are what you want to be searched for. We wrote a blog post taking a deep dive into LinkedIn and SEO, you can check it out here: Using LinkedIn Profile Tips to Increase Your SEO

Google Gillian Whitney LinkedIn

When your Google someone, their LinkedIn profile is listed in the search results


LinkedIn Live Available (in pilot mode)

Microsoft, who owns LinkedIn is supporting LinkedIn Live through its Azure Media Services, which provides the necessary technology to be able to seamlessly stream live videos. LinkedIn is also partnering with Brandlive, Wirecast, Wowza Media Systems, Switcher Studio and Socialive, to enable content creators to access experienced broadcasting streaming services. If you would like to be in the pilot prior to the full rollout, pick one of these services and then request to get started now.

“Like other live streaming services, LinkedIn Live allows marketers and brands to broadcast real-time videos and engage with large and small groups. Viewers have the ability to like the video during the broadcast and ask the host questions in real-time,” said Dave Gerhardt, VP of marketing at Drift.


Video Gets You More Bang for Your Buck

The introduction of LinkedIn Live illustrates that the platform is increasing its emphasis on video content because this medium generates the most engagement. According to Marketing Land, LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share a video than any other type of post.

Your Video Posts will get more views than regular graphic posts. The bonus is that your video will be displayed in your connection’s newsfeed, their connections, and even up to a third connection. This opens up your content being seen by people who don’t even know you. Yet!!

Video Post Statistics


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn will recommend groups for you in the “search group” field based on your profile. However, if you want to join a group of your choice, a suggestion is to go to someone’s company profile. If they have a group, you can request to join.


Networking Opportunities

Most of the people you will meet already are on LinkedIn. Think of the opportunity to ask those people to LinkedIn with them. Without creating a connection, you may cross paths like ships in the night. But making a connection with someone gives you an opportunity to cultivate a relationship through your posts, articles, and direct messages.


Networking Case Studies

Here are a couple of ideas showcased in these true stories.

Gillian went to a WordCamp conference recently. She made sure that she went online in advance to see who the speakers were. She connected with them on LinkedIn before the conference. The people were looking for her at the conference. One speaker even asked if she would sit in the first row and ask questions. Gillian became noticed at the conference by her connections.

Networking at WordCamp

Attending conferences and other business events is great content to share on LinkedIn. Always try to use appropriate HASHTAGS.


Even if you don’t connect in advance, connect afterwards so you can start a conversation. Even if they are not your potential clients, you can easily then connect with theirs and expand your network.

I recently was a speaker at a Social Medial 101 Workshop. One of the attendees and I connected after. We met for a glass of wine and then she asked me to be a guest on her Podcast. That was an awesome connection.

Attending a conference last month, I was impressed with the speaker. I connected with him afterwards and sent him a message to see if we could get together. He lives 3 hours away, so I easily arranged a call on Zoom. We had a video conference and found out how we could send business to each other.

We now are able to create Powtoon videos for other people as we have the Agency level. Gillian went to the Powtoons company page and asked to join their group. Now she is LinkedIn with the Powtoons people. 

Here are a few tips that will help you whether you are already on LinkedIn or you are thinking of joining:

#1 You can have a personal profile and you can have a Company profile. Both free. You can connect them, once they are both created, by adding your personal profile as an employee of the Company.

#2 When creating your personal profile, always make sure your picture is professional looking. Don’t use a photo of you with your kids or your dogs. Have someone take a snap with your camera with you looking your best. If you have a professional one that is great.

#3 There is a space behind your picture that you can customize. Use it. The dimensions are 1584 x 396 pixels. Either use a landscape style photo or we recommend using to create a custom banner. Save it as a JPG to upload to LinkedIn, not a PNG. Here is an important tip of creating the cover image: Add a message, a call to action, tell them what you do, share your website address, or show your lead magnet. Don’t waste this valuable real estate.

Here are two random samplings. One is not taking advantage of his banner. The other one is. Make sure you create a banner that represents who you are and what you offer.


The default LinkedIn background.



A custom LinkedIn background.


#4 Make note of the Header and make sure the words are Client Facing – meaning “what you do to serve your customers”. No one cares what your title of your firm is. They want to know why they should get to know you.

#5 Make sure your summary tells people what you do, who you serve, and the transformation you provide your customers. Whether it is coaching them to success, creating special evenings, helping them find the home of their dreams, or giving them peace of mind with the right life insurance product, this is the place to tell them that is the end result.

#6 Connect, connect, connect.  Spend at least 30 minutes per day using “My Network” and connecting with new people. If you can, send them a personal message. Here is a tip how to do that: Instead of just clicking the Connect button, click their profile, then click Connect. It will allow you to send a personal message. Even if they are not your “ideal” client, you will be able to connect to others they are connected to. Expand your connections, expand your reach.

#7 Once you are connected, you can send Messages suggesting that you and that person get offline and talk by phone, email, or a face to face meeting.

#8 Join LinkedIn Groups. Participate in those groups to learn and build relationships that can connect you to others.

#9 Use the Search Field to explore finding new contacts by a variety of fields.

#10 Add new posts every few days with interesting topics related to your services. Join in conversations of what others post. Do LIKES, shares or Comments. If you are a writer, post some articles. If you are into video, post some personal videos of what you do, maybe seminars that you are offering, or a course they can sign up for. Or share an experience that you provide your clients – add a link to your website.

LinkedIn offers a lot. Access daily on your laptop or with the LinkedIn app for tablets and mobile phone.

There are several premium options available with LinkedIn. There are many courses that explain how to really powerhouse LinkedIn. Down the road, you can see if those will be advantageous to you or not. My advice is to start off slowly with the free version. You may never need to upgrade. Get comfortable with LinkedIn being a part of your marketing process. Go find those connections that are looking to connect with you.

In conclusion I want to stress to you, that being on social media does take some time. So, our recommendation is always to “Pick One” and then work it. If after reading this blog you feel LinkedIn is for you, then focus on it. Get your profile right and then post consistently.

If you need to post on a couple of social networks at a time, you may want to look to a program like Hootsuite. They have a free version that allows you to post up to 3 networks at a time. This actually is an advantage. LinkedIn doesn’t offer you the ability to save a draft or schedule a post. Using Hootsuite, will give you that option.

If you want to start creating videos but don’t know where to start, you may want to sign up for our free 15 consultation. We can either tell you how to build your own, or we can create some for you. Link to consult…..

Or perhaps you want to learn how to create awesome posts but don’t know the first thing about what photos to use, etc. We got you covered. Its all in our Graphics Course.  Marketing Your Business With Graphics

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist