Launch4Life Website Services

The Website You’ve Always Wanted

Most small businesses don’t really know what they want in a website — just what they don’t want. This leads to website building that includes endless revisions that go on and on for months, a headache for everyone involved. If you’re a small business with a clear message to get across, it’s much better to keep it simple.

Even if you already have the perfect vision in mind, building a custom, one-of-a-kind website can take weeks, sometimes even months. Doing it right takes a large team: A designer for the layout and colors, a photographer for professional headshots, a graphic designer for custom images, and web developer to build your website and tie everything together. A team this big has a rather hefty price tag without compromising on quality.

We offer a better solution that is less time consuming, less costly, and provides a beautiful website you can be proud of.

An Alternative — Fast, Professional, and Affordable

We build WordPress websites for small businesses who don’t want to waste time or money on a custom-designed site. With our gallery of customizable templates, you can choose where to start. You can capture the spirit of your business and brand in the perfect website and know right at the beginning what your website is going to look like. No surprises.

When you work with us, you get to choose from our collection of professionally designed templates. You’ll select the layout that works best for your business, and we’ll add your logo, colors, text, and graphics to make your new site match your brand.

We build all websites using Divi by Elegant Themes and GoDaddy as our webhost provider. Divi’s features allow users to create and customize webpages with ease. As your business grows, your website can grow and evolve along with you.

DIY Maintenance or Retain Our Support

After your website is complete, it’s up to you whether to take the wheel or let us do the heavy lifting for day-to-day maintenance. If you want to manage it yourself, our experts are happy to work with you to provide one-on-one website coaching to maintain your website and/or blog until you feel ready to run on your own.

You can also keep us on for ongoing website maintenance. Launch4Life offers unique support for your website and business to keep your website secure and up-to-date. Maintenance services can include regular backups, security, updates, and content edits.

Websites Built With SEO in Mind

Best of all, because of our SEO expertise, your website will be built to be SEO ready. Right from the start, your website will be automatically optimized for Google’s search engine. Most importantly, your new website will be built with your customers in mind.

Ongoing Marketing Planning

Once your website is done, more support is available. Launch4Life can help you develop and implement a strategic marketing plan. Instead of having a beautiful new website with no visitors, we can help you design marketing road map. We can guide you on how to build a sales funnel that includes email marketing, social media, and more.

Ready to Get Started?

We’re as excited as you are to get your new website up and running. However, before we begin, we need to know exactly what you need. A website is not one-size-fits-all. Some businesses only need a one-page site. Others might need something robust with 8 pages and a blog. You might need something in between. All of these come with a different price tag.

We require a 30 minute website consultation so that we can figure out what’s best for you, and work together to create a plan. Don’t worry, the website consultation fee is deductible from the final cost of your website. After the strategy session, the Launch4Life team will send you a written proposal for your new website.

With our services, a typical five-page website (Usually Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact) costs approximately $3000, not including purchasing your domain, hosting, and other 3rd-party services and licenses.

What’s Covered in the Website Consultation?

During the consultation, we will discuss:

  • How your website will function in your business?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What are your products?
  • Do you need ecommerce?
  • Will you be writing blog articles consistently?
  • How many pages do you need?
  • What will you do with your website when it is completed?

Your website is crucial to making a strong impression online and turning visitors into customers, but things changes. You will have new products, fresh content, things that will create website updates. Whether you have an old website that needs updating or you have a new website and want guidance on how to improve and expand, the Launch4Life team can guide you to make sure your message says what you want it to.