Launch4Life Video Marketing Services

Every business needs to be using video to market your business. Video boosts your online visibility, increases sales and promotes your business like no other marketing tool.

We can help you identify the right kind of marketing videos that work best for you and your business. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of this powerful marketing medium.

Video Coaching

The Launch4Life team offers video coaching to help assist you with using video to market your business.

Whether you need to guidance on being in front of the camera, or all the techie stuff to create videos you’ll be proud to share… we’ve got your back.

We are flexible in our coaching packages. Whether you want to book us for just an hour, or ongoing weekly/monthly sessions, we are happy to work within your budget.

Here’s just some of the topics we can help you with:

  • Feeling more comfortable on camera
  • Developing a video strategy for your business
  • What video content you need to create
  • Ins and out of using video on LinkedIn
  • What videos are needed on your website
  • Why and where to host your videos
  • What equipment is needed to get started
  • Video tools and programs we recommend
  • How to edit and polish your video
  • How and why to caption your videos
  • Integrating video with email marketing
  • Using YouTube to market your business

Price: $100 per hour

* Packaged rates available

What's included:

  • Coaching via Zoom (60 minute)
  • Coaching sessions recorded and shared with you privately
  • When you book 4 or more coaching sessions, you receive a discount of 20%

    LinkedIn/Facebook Videos

    Looking for assistance with transforming your raw video recordings into social media ready content? We can help.

    We are happy to provide a done-for-you video service. Simply send us your raw video footage and we can trim, caption, and polish your videos. 

    To make your videos look professional on social media, we can incorporate your logo and/or brand colors.

    In addition, you have the choice of either open or closed captions. With 80% of social media audiences opting to view videos with the sound off, having captions is a must.

    Having Launch4Life handle all the video tech work for you, allows you to focus your efforts on creating quality content for your network on social media.

    And if you ever want to switch to Do-It-Yourself  video content creation, we can teach you how.


    Price: $50 per video

    Limited Time Offer – Special introductory price

    * Packaged rates available

    Example of a social media ready video. Using square format, open captions, and custom thumbnail.

    What's included:

    • MP4 file (2 minutes max)
    • Basic trimming – beginning & end of video
    • Choose your format – square or horizontal
    • Custom headline
    • Open or closed captions
    • Logo and/or graphics (supplied by you)
    • Choice of brand colors
    • Video progress bar
    • Full commercial rights
    • Standard delivery = 48 hours

    Packaged Rates:

    • Purchase 3 or more videos to receive 20% discount



    • Custom Thumbnail template = $30
    • Recording assistance via Zoom = $50 per 30 minutes

    Explainer Videos

    Having a custom-created explainer video is one of the best ways to market your small business. But, hiring a professional production company can be a big expense; one you might not be ready to take on right now.

    Launch4Life has the skills, experience, and tools to create an easy peasy explainer video to help promote your business. Whether you want to your customers to have a better understanding of your products or services… we’ve got you covered.


    Example of a custom-designed animated explainer video, used to promote a Facebook Challenge/Course.

    Price: $200 for 30 seconds of video

    * Non-profits receive a 20% off discount

    What's included:

    • 30 second MP4 video
    • Your logo & brand colors
    • Royalty Free Background music
    • Full commercial rights
    • Standard delivery = 7 days


    • $50 for additional 30 seconds of video
    • $100 for Voiceover + Closed Captions (30 sec)
    • $100 for Scriptwriting (75 words = 30 sec)

    YouTube Channel

    Want to get started with YouTube but don’t know where to begin? We can get you up and running with your own YouTube channel in no time.

    We will meet with you via Zoom (approximately 30 minutes) for the initial setup and verification of your YouTube channel. Being designated as your channel manager eliminates the need of giving us your Google passwords.

    When we’re done, we will give you the keys to your YouTube channel. You will also receive a recorded walkthrough of your channel and training on how to upload videos.

    If desired, we can provide you with additional YouTube coaching on an hourly basis. Or, you can retain us to be your YouTube Channel admins.


    Check out our YouTube channel:

    Price $250


    What's included:

    • Channel name
    • Channel description
    • Optimized for SEO (keywords)
    • Profile photo
    • Custom background with text – optimized display for all devices
    • 5 internet links to website, social media, etc.
    • Upload of 3 videos – with title, description, optimized for SEO, & closed captions (SRT file supplied by customer)
    • Channel trailer setup
    • Upload default configuration
    • Feature enhancements enabled – privacy settings, longer length videos, custom thumbnails


    • Additional uploads – $20 per video
    • Playlist creation & custom layout – price varies

    Launch4Life’s Video Portfolio

    Amazon Kindle Book Trailer.

    Introductory speaker video for workshops and presentations.

    Promotional video for non-profit organization.

    Milestone commemoration and celebration video.

    Explainer video for membership site.

    Explainer and promotional video for service professional.

    Marketing video for annual conference event.

    Promotional video for new Amazon book.

    Educational video.

    Promotional video for networking event.

    Promotional video for networking event.

    Public relations outreach video for non-profit organization.

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