Online Marketing Speakers

When determining who to ask to speak to your group, there are two important factors. First, someone that speaks to a topic that is of interest to your group and two, that they can hold the group with an interesting dialogue. Good speaking skills are a must.

Janet and Gillian both have extensive backgrounds of speaking in workshop environments as well as platform speakers.  Janet spent many years delivering training by speaking in the life insurance industry as well online marketing. Gillian has delivered workshops over the years on a number of business and motivation topics as well as being an award winning Toastmaster.

If you are looking for speakers for your next event, look no further.  We have an array of topics to captivate and educate your audience.

What Do We Speak About?

Here are some of the topics we can present to your group:

  • Identifying Your Avatar – Understanding your target market and ideal client
  • Your Online Marketing Machine
  • Your Website’s Marketing Message
  • SEO Basics – Understanding How SEO Works
  • What You Need to Know Before You Build a Website
  • Building a Website That is SEO Friendly
  • Don’t Resist Building an Email List
  • Why Every Business Needs a Blog
  • Social Media and SEO

Samples of Our Presentation Style