When determining who to book for your podcast or speak to your group, there are two important factors. First, someone that speaks to a topic that is of interest to your group and two, that they can hold the group with an interesting dialogue. Good speaking skills are a must.

Both Gillian and Janet have extensive backgrounds of speaking in workshop environments as well as platform speakers.

Gillian has delivered workshops over the years on a number of business and motivation topics as well as being an award winning Toastmaster. Janet spent many years delivering training by speaking in the life insurance industry as well online marketing.

We’d be happy to set up a time to chat with you about speaking for your organization. Feel free to drop us an email or book a free consult

What Do We Speak About?

If you are looking for speakers for your podcast or next event, look no further.  We have an array of topics to captivate and educate your audience. In addition, we’d be happy to custom-tailor a program to meet your organization’s needs.

Here are some of the topics we can discuss on a podcast or present to a large or small group:

  • Defining Your Target Market & Ideal Client
  • Why You Need an Online Marketing Machine
  • Social Media 101
  • Using Facebook Groups to Get New Leads
  • How to Run a Facebook Challenge
  • Getting LinkedIn Right from the Start
  • Creating a LinkedIn Strategy
  • Video + LinkedIn = Brand Awareness
  • Marketing Your Business With Video
  • Every Business Needs a YouTube Channel
  • Ramp Up Your Email Marketing With Video
  • Marketing You Business With Graphics
  • Think You Don’t Need Email Marketing?
  • Why Every Business Needs MailChimp

Guest Appearances

Solopreneur Academy with Sue Clayton

Gillian Whitney Guest speaker – YouTube vs Vimeo: Which one is better for hosting videos?

Solopreneur Academy with Sue Clayton

Janet Elie Guest speaker – How to Keep Your Social Media Videos from Bombing with our 10 Step Strategy

Marketing Study Lab – Actionable Marketing Knowledge with Peter Sumpton

Video Marketing Tips with Gillian Whitney Marketing Consultant from Launch4Life – Episode 102

Radiate Wellness Podcast with Christi Clemmons Hoffman

Radiate Wellness with Janet Elie

Serene Solopreneur Lunch & Learn with Sue Clayton

Gillian Whitney guest speaker – Getting Your Ducks in a Row for SEO

Serene Solopreneur Lunch & Learn with Sue Clayton

Gillian Whitney guest speaker – What You Need to Know About Technical SEO Without Freaking Out

Agile Entrepreneur Podcast with Ramesh Dontha

Starting A Business to Train Small Businesses to do SEO for themselves with Janet Elie

Serene Solopreneur Lunch & Learn with Sue Clayton

Gillian Whitney guest speaker – Email Marketing for Solopreneurs

Serene Solopreneur Lunch & Learn with Sue Clayton

Janet Elie guest speaker – Using LinkedIn Profile Tips to Improve SEO

Launch4Life Sponsored Masterclass

Gillian Whitney & Janet Elie co-hosting Launch4Life Webinar – Is Your Website a Ghost Town?

Slideshare Presentations

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