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Get expert advice on all aspects of your online marketing. We can provide you with an objective review of where you’re currently at with your marketing efforts. We’ll pin point what changes you need to make and help you set the priorities. We can design a roadmap to help you reach your business goals. We will coach you one step-at-a-time.


You don’t have to go it alone. We can provide you with one-on-one marketing coaching. Whether you want to learn about social media, email marketing, video marketing, SEO, etc., we’ve got your back. In our online coaching sessions, we can teach you all the skills you need to market your business online.


Sometimes there are certain areas of online marketing that you may not have the time, talent, or patience to handle yourself. Whether it’s creating some social media posts, website copywriting, or creating an explainer video, we can help. Importantly, not only can we do it, but later we can teach you how to manage it yourself.

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Computer coaching with launch4life team

Meet with the Launch4Life team to discuss where you’re at with your Online Marketing. We’ll meet with you via telephone conference call. During this 15 minute free consult we’ll learn a little bit about your business, discuss the marketing challenges you’re currently facing, and determine if we’re a good fit for each other.  

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Computer coaching with launch4life team

Ready to get started right now with a consultation, one-on-one coaching, or one of other marketing services?

Click the button below to contact us. Let us know what you need help with. We’ll be in touch shortly to outline the next steps to begin working with us.  

Computer coaching with launch4life team

Marketing Coaching

The Launch4Life team offers Online Marketing coaching. We are flexible in our coaching packages. Whether you want to book us for just an hour, or ongoing weekly/monthly sessions, we are happy to work within your budget.

Before we make arrangements to meet with you for coaching, we prefer new clients book a Free Consult. This 15 minute meeting allows us to get a feel for your business, understand where you are regarding your marketing efforts, and ascertain your short term and long-term marketing goals. Without a good grounding of where you are at with your business we can not coach you towards where you want to be.

All coaching sessions can be done using video or telephone conference calling. We use Zoom for our video coaching, which allows us to meet face-to-face and participate in screen sharing. We use Uberconference for our telephone coaching. To alleviate you from ever having to take notes during our coaching sessions, we supply you with the recording from all video and telephone meetings.

When you are coached by the Launch4Life team, you will find that we provide a good balance of no-nonsense guidance and an empathetic ear. It’s our pledge to arrive at each and every coaching session with an agenda of what we’ll be covering. Whenever we train you to use tools that we love, we will supply you with templates and checklists that you can download and use later.

Our standard coaching rates are $100 per hour after the Free Consult. All coaching sessions must be paid in advance.

Prepaid coaching packages of 5 sessions or more, are entitled to a 20% discount. If you are ready to get started, book a Free Marketing Consult, so we can begin the journey to help you reach your marketing goals.

Coaching Topics Customized For You:

  • Identifying Your Avatar – Understanding your target market and ideal client
  • Creating an Online Marketing Strategy
  • What You Need to Know Before You Build a Website
  • Email Marketing & Building Your List
  • MailChimp Tips & Tricks
  • Social Media Marketing – How and why to use social media to promote your content
  • Creating Videos to Market Your Business
  • Using the Right Online Tools to Automate Your Business
  • Blogging for Your Business Using WordPress
  • Content Strategy – Creating an Editorial Calendar
  • SEO Basics – Understanding How SEO Works
  • Your General Questions on SEO
  • Technical SEO – Ensuring Your Website is SEO Friendly
  • Getting Started with Google’s Free Tools – Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin – Installing, Configuring, & Overview
  • Keyword Research – Finding the right keywords to target
  • SEO Copywriting 101 – Optimizing Your Blog Posts for Your Readers and Google
  • Optimizing Images for SEO – How and Why Images Effect SEO
  • Content Audit – Repurposing Old Content
  • And more…

Whiteboard Animation & Other Marketing Videos

Every business needs to be using video to market your business. Video boosts your online visibility, increases sales and promotes your business like no other marketing tool. Hiring a professional production company can be a big expense; one you might not be ready to take on right now.

We can help you identify the right kind of marketing videos that work best for you and your business. Whether you need help with do-it-yourself videos, screencasts, webinar recordings, or custom-made Whiteboard Animations, we can help. Don’t miss out on taking advantage of this powerful marketing medium.

Packages from: $100 per 30 seconds of video

Computer coaching with launch4life team
Computer coaching with launch4life team

Social Media

Are you wondering how to use Social Media to market your business?  We can coach you on everything you need to know to use Social Media effectively. Whether it’s choosing which platform is right for your business, setting up a profile, what and when to post, or the ins and outs of staying active with your social media connections, we can help.

Whether you need a little or a lot of help using Social Media – we’ve got you covered

Email Marketing

Do you need some help understanding how email marketing can promote your business? Maybe you are currently using a personal email account (like Gmail or Yahoo) and want to switch to a program that’s more professional?  Whether you need guidance on a piece of the email marketing puzzle, or need help seeing the big picture, we can help.

Let the Launch4Life team help you better understand the dos and don’ts of email marketing, so you never get into any trouble with the Federal Trade Commission.

We can coach you what it means to build an “email list”, what’s an “opt-in box”, and what’s the secret sauce to get customers to signup for your emails. In addition to coaching, we provide a la carte services: email and newsletter templates, lead magnets, landing pages, and automated sequences.

Computer coaching with launch4life team
Woman searching for SEO Services

Websites & SEO

It’s important to ensure your website fits in with your business goals and marketing strategy. Whether you have an established website that needs some help, or you have never had a website, there’s a lot to think about upfront. 

We can coach you on everything you need to know before you hire a website developer, build your own website, or set up a blog. We can help you identify your website goals and help you determine your next steps.

The secret sauce for having your website rank at the top of the Google search results is having an SEO friendly website. Launch4Life is trained to review small business websites for search engine optimization. While your website may look good on the front end, there may be technical issues on the back end that are hurting your SEO efforts. 

Tech Mentoring

Running a small business can often require using several online tools. Booking appointments, meeting with clients via web conferencing, taking payments online, selling digital products, creating marketing materials, are just some of technological hurtles we face. 

We can provide you with custom one-on-one coaching to help eliminate the confusion of integrating technical tools and help you become more tech savvy. And if you don’t want to it, we can do it for you and then teach you how to manage it yourself.


Computer coaching with launch4life team
Woman searching for SEO Services


If you’re looking for an approachable, experienced speaker for your next event, consider booking one of us.

Both Janet and Gillian are confident, engaging marketing speakers who create instant rapport with audiences and deliver talks in an easy to understand and enjoyable manner.

Whether it’s a business event, in-house seminar, conference or workshop, we can provide your audience with relevant, practical and inspiring content.


Need help writing the copy for your marketing materials? We can work with you to take your ideas and turn them into professional copy to help you better communicate your message.

We have the expertise to write: web copy, blog posts, social media posts, lead magnets, video scripts, email marketing sequences, online courses, and more.


Computer coaching with launch4life team