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I hate it when I send something to my printer and discover (usually when it’s already too late) that the one page of text I need is surrounded by ten pages of junk.  Let’s face it, while some websites strive to create printer friendly pages, most of them don’t.

Awhile back I discovered there are several web-based programs dedicated to printing web pages.  Who knew?  After checking out a few of them, I decided that PrintFriendly was the best.  While the other applications still “got the job done,”  PrintFriendly was by far the easiest one to use.

PrintFriendly lets you take any web page and create a clean page for printing.  You simply copy/paste the desired web page into the URL box.  Ta-da!  Gone are all the advertisements, comments, sidebars, etc.  You have the option of printing with or without graphics.  And, you even have the flexibility of changing the font size of your text.  I also like that you can “click to delete” any sections from your document that you don’t want.  Slick!

Once you’re happy with your document, you have the option of: sending it to your printer, creating a PDF, or sending it as an email link.  The folks at PrintFriendly have even created a bookmarklet (ie. a little icon) that you can drag on to your internet browser’s toolbar.  By installing this nifty little feature, you are one click away from using PrintFriendly any time you need it.  Plus, launching the bookmarklet automatically formats the webpage you’re currently viewing.

Really, it just doesn’t get any easier than this.  PrintFriendly is a free web-based program.  There’s nothing to download, and they don’t even require you to set up an account.  So if you’re sick and tired of killing a forest every time you print something, I suggest you take a look at  PrintFriendly.  The trees will thank you.

PrintFriendly in Action

Here’s an example of a PrintFriendly PDF.  It is a nice, clean, 3 page document.

Without using PrintFriendly, the same URL printed out to a messy PDF that was 10 pages long.  Wow, what a difference!

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By Gillian Whitney

Communications Consultant