Hi today is my birthday, October 1st.  Unfortunately, it won’t be by the time you read this blog, but it is fun to know that my thoughts are written on my special day.  I love that my birthday is October 1st.  Besides the fact that it is my birthday, my special day has other meanings too.  It’s the first day of a month.  It’s the beginning of October.  Most importantly, it begins the 3-month count down till the end of the year and the beginning of the next year.  That gives me three months to wrap up any sales for this year and start my planning for the next year.

Now October 1st  probably isn’t your birthday but it sure is your countdown. Just like mine. We are on the countdown with 90 days left.  It sounds the alarm or warning that you have:

  • 3 months left to complete any plans you had set for this year.
  • 3 months to fulfill your sales goals.
  • 3 months to work through what worked this year and toss out what isn’t working.
  • 3 months to start designing next year’s goals.

These begin the obvious discussion points for your business year-end plans.  By December 1st you will probably be working on a written business plan that will kick off for January 1.  You will be focusing on setting new goals, deciding what new marketing materials you will need, and new products to add.

But I wanted to add one more thought to the mix for your year-end count down.   I recently read an email from one of the big online marketing gurus, Jeff Walker.  He suggested we should be examining what our USP – unique selling proposition is?  Our special USP. It could be what you do in your business.  Perhaps a special patent or program.  Or quite frankly it could just be “you”.  In a nutshell our USP is “our secret sauce”.  That special something that drives people to us for sales versus someone else.  It started me thinking, if I really know what my USP is, shouldn’t I make sure that everyone I work with or want to work with knows it.  My “talk” and my “marketing” should ring loud and clear so there is no doubt as to what my USP is.

Gillian and I truly believe our USP or unique selling proposition is our “patience and caring”.  We “listen” to our clients and focus on delivering what they want and need.  They are never customers to us, they are wonderful people that we get to help with their success.  We are always humbled by their stories and situations.  When they come to us they usually frustrated and need guidance.  We always strive to coach and teach in baby steps so they won’t get overwhelmed and throw in the towel.   I truly hope that our USP is conveyed during our experience together and the results live beyond our time together, whether it is our courses or our one on one coaching.  But I should make sure that my USP message is prevalent in every time someone knows or hears from me.

Your USP might be the same as ours.  Or completely different.  But we all have one.  You just need to figure it out.  So just like me, do you know what your Unique Selling Proposition is?  Is it reflected in your marketing?  Your Facebook Posts, your flyers, your seminars, your business cards?  We were helping a client this week and he told us he didn’t want anything showing money on his marketing material.  He just wants people to know that his goal is to educate them, and find solutions.  If he does it right and he helps them make money, it is not about the money, it is about a better-quality life.  I like that.  He already knows what his USP is.

I am celebrating my birthday with you.  Let’s count down our 90 days to January 1st together.  We will discover our unique selling proposition, our USP, and make sure next year there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that what we offer makes us unique.  This is why they should know us, like us and trust us.  Happy birthday to us all.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lets leap into 2018 with our Special USP.


By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist