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You hear “grow your network”. But how? We wish it was that simple.

So why do it? As Jeff Young, #TheLinkedInGuru says, “Networking is like air. You need it to survive”. He is so right. Networking is important.

During this past year when you could not get out and about to get exposure to yourself and your products or services, you needed to find new ways to network. It has to be virtual.

You need to find Networking Groups and you need to understand networking basics.

Obviously getting on Zoom networking calls is very important. You meet people. You put your details in the chat box. But then what! Usually crickets. You either put the wrong stuff on there, or “people just weren’t that into you.” Ouch. That hurts.

But think about it, did they really get to know you from what you put in the chat box. Your phone number, your email address, your website, your calendar “book me” tool. Really!!! How do any of those entice someone to connect and specifically get to know you, like you and trust you. They are all “cold as ice” invitations. Before anyone would even want to connect with you, they would want to learn more about you. We don’t date without googling our guy or lady, so why would we treat business any differently.

So, what is the best way to check to see what they are all about before we connect. How about networking on social media? Let’s check their social media profiles. First of all, are you even on the same platforms? Even if you are, checking their Twitter and Instagram posts is too much work. Still don’t know what they are about. But LinkedIn. Now there at least you can check their profile (hopefully) and learn a lot about them. You can connect there and if you or they have done the right things, you are in a position to learn about them…and if your profile is compelling, they may take the time to connect. Then the possibility of the next step to start working happens.

If you are new to LinkedIn or just haven’t been on it for a while, you probably need some tips.

We recently interviewed Jeff Young, The LinkedIn Guru and asked him some really good questions especially for people who are either new to LinkedIn or who just aren’t using it well.

As he says “your profile is a really good barometer of whether anyone is doing anything on LinkedIn”. So, if this is where you want to be found…and importantly for people to learn a lot about you, you need to be in LinkedIn not just on LinkedIn.

We recommend you do a test of yourself. If you met someone on a networking event and you sent them your LinkedIn profile so they could connect with the goal of starting a conversation, what will they find?

1. Is your URL working. Do you have numbers after your name?

2. Do you have a banner above your photo that relates to you personally or your business?

3. Do you have a good photo of yourself in a professional way that relates to you?

4. What does your header say? Does it tell me what you do and how you help people? Or is it just your company and job title (yuck).

5. Does your About section tell us your story?

There are lots more things you can share – like a featured section, posts, your engagement of other people’s posts, number of connections and more. But these 5 will be winners to tell people enough to see if you have commonality to connect.

Of course, there is way more stuff to learn how to make networking successful. But putting your LinkedIn profile in the chat box is way more helpful than your email or phone number. We can all get to know you first before we ask for the next step.



The Launch4Life team are not LinkedIn trainers. There are plenty of those to be found on LinkedIn. We can actually lead you to those if you are interested. We come into play when you are ready for the next step – video marketing for LinkedIn. But baby steps first. You need to make sure your profile is ready for Prime Time viewing.

We recommend you check out our YouTube LinkedIn Playlist. We have tons of ideas to get you started. If you are concerned whether your LinkedIn profile is ready for networking, we will be happy to do a quick checkup of your profile. No charge. Here is the link for that: LinkedIn Profile Checkup

By Janet Elie

Marketing Coach