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You have set up your business.  You are ordering your business cards.  You are setting up your Facebook Business Page.  You have an email platform. You are setting up a Yelp Page. So what phone number do you use?  Whatever your purpose, have you thought through what phone number you want people to call you on. 

Unless you have a brick and mortar store, most of us usually opt for our mobile phone.  After all, it will take calls from anywhere in the USA.    But one moment……….lets think through why maybe that is not such a good idea.

How will you answer the phone when it rings? Professional or informal. Only easy if you know who is calling.

If you don’t recognize the phone number you will probably let it go to voice mail.  You might have missed a potential customer.

Your voice mail won’t know the difference between a personal or business call.

You may only want calls during specified hours.  How do you determine if you should take the call?

What is the alternative?  You could have two cell phones.  That is a possibility but who wants to carry around two phones.  You could have a land line but that can be expensive and you can’t answer when you are on the road.  Here is my suggestion- get a free Google Phone.   You are going to love this.

  • Google will give you a real phone number (usually with your local area code).
  • You can have callers go directly to voice mail with a customized message.
  • You can get a transcript of the voice mail on your phone or email.
  • You can have calls transferred to your mobile phone (great during your working hours).
  • You can check your messages on your phone or in your email.
  • If you use your Google voice app on your phone, callers will see the caller ID of your Google number not the phone you are using.
  • You can receive and send texts to and from your Google number

When someone calls, you will identify immediately that it is a business call. The bonus, with these wonderful features, you will have unlimited free calling within US and Canada for up to 3 hours per call.

Check out this link to find out more details about Google Voice.  You can set it up from a desktop, android, or iPhone:

You just need a Google account to set one up.  Easy peasy.  Here is a YouTube Step by step instruction video.


So if you want to keep your mobile number private and not be splattered all over your advertising, Facebook, and in your business cards, Google Voice can be your answer.

Always coming up with ideas to help you with your marketing on a shoestring budget. Save your money for things you can’t get for free.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist