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Believe it or not, sometimes even coaches need some coaching. Which is why the Launch4Life team recently sought out a little coaching for ourselves. At the beginning of 2018, Janet and I decided we wanted to master something new. We wanted to create a resource to help people better understand digital marketing. We’re excited to announce we will soon be launching a marketing podcast dedicated to helping small businesses and solo-preneurs promote their business.

Being avid believers in the “baby steps” approach to project management, we began by researching what’s involved with starting a podcast. We quickly discovered that podcasts are a lot of work. As we began breaking down the project into bite-sized tasks, we wondered how on earth we were going to find the time to get everything done? After all, we already have a full load – working with clients, blogging, weekly newsletters, and the day-to-day tasks of running a small business. We realized we needed a coach to help us master our goal.

Meet our new “coach” The Mastery Journal. This beautiful hardcover daily planner is no ordinary business journal. Instead, it’s 100-day mission is to help business professionals master their productivity, discipline, and focus. Using this journal you will learn how to:

  • Become more productive by accomplishing the important daily tasks that need to get done to reach your goals
  • Develop better self-discipline by setting/executing a daily plan
  • Have greater focus allowing you to win the battle against obstacles and distractions


What’s especially unique about The Mastery Journal is all the support that is thrown in for free. Bonuses include: complementary audio book, fillable pdf version of the hardbound journal, and a private Facebook group. I like that the Facebook group admin is none other than John Lee Dumas, the author of The Mastery Journal and founder of the Entrepreneurs On FIRE podcast. John and his team work very hard to monitor the group, providing everyone with great support and guidance.

The Launch4Life team believes that by us both purchasing our own copies of The Mastery Journal, we will achieve the productivity, discipline, and focus needed to launch our new podcast. Today we began the very first step of our 100-day journey. We will be sure to post a complete update when we get to the end. Stay tuned for updates on our marketing podcast.

In the meantime, if you are interested in some coaching yourself, we encourage you to consider working with us. Check out the Work With Us page on our website. If you’re not sure if private coaching is right for you – we invite you to take advantage of our FREE 30 minute introductory coaching session. In just a half-hour you can evaluate if we’re the right coaches for you.


By Gillian Whitney

Communications Consultant