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Ebooks are powerful marketing and sales tools. You have taken your knowledge and skills and put in writing a training or inspiration for your audience. Some ebooks are leads for sales and other times they are the sale. Either way, since they live on the internet, there needs to be a process to upload and distribute them to your prospects or customers.

Here are four ways to showcase and market your ebook:

  1. Lead Magnet. When you request people to subscribe to your email program, it often helps to encourage sign-ups with a freebie, bribe, or gift, whatever you want to call it. Your ebook is something of value that you want to give away for free that teaches on a specific topic and creates credibility for yourself. You can create your ebook in word and save it as a PDF.  Your PDF needs to have a place to live, so we suggest you use your email platform ( if it can host PDFs), Google Docs, or Amazon Web Service (AWS). While AWS is the most secure, it is a cost based service. Whatever email platform you use, a link to your PDF can be attached to the thank you email. As soon as someone subscribes to your email list or newsletter, they will immediately be able to download your ebook.
  2. Gift Give-away. When you are a speaker at a conference, workshop, webinar, wouldn’t it be awesome to offer your eBook as your Call to Action (parting gift). If they would like your eBook, all they have to do is give you their email address. That’s one way to capture their contact information. If you are selling your eBook on your website or Amazon, you can provide a special coupon with a limited time offer. More on this later.
  3. Website Sales. You can create a website landing page where you can host the eBook(s) and a link to pay for it.  This requires a little work to create and you will have to do your own advertising to get people to your website.
  4. Sell on a third-party platform. Amazon or iBook’s are the most common place to sell your ebook. The added advantage is this method of distributin your ebook prevents other people from sharing your content. When deciding between iBooks and Amazon, take the time to research which one will pay you the best royalties. The biggests limitation of iBook is that you are knocking out all Windows, Android, & Kindle device users. Amazon tends to be the most popular way to distribute ebooks because of it’s popularity and ability to market globally.

Here are a few hints on creating your eBook for Amazon that you may have overlooked that are worth considering:

Font choices – Using one font is best. Standards are Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier.

Hyperlinks – Make sure they are preserved in your ebook prior to saving and uploading.

Page Numbering – Don’t number your pages as they will be automatically numbered depending on the device read on.

Graphics – Use your own or royalty free. Don’t get sued for using someone else’s graphics.

Cover – Make it dazzle. People really do judge a book by its cover. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. Use as few words as possible with title and author name. You also want to make sure your cover will still look good when its reduced to a thumbnail.

Last thoughts:

 If you decide to use Amazon, using Kindle Direct Publishing is the best choice. KDP helps you create and design your eBook Amazon’s software. You can also upload your own PDF. Kindle can still help you create a cover even if you have created your ebook prior.

If you are selling or giving away your ebook, you will want to blast the word out. You can have links to where to find your ebook. Post details on your website, social media, or include links in your emails. Offer discounts or free for limited time frames. Lastly, you can bundle the purchase with a course.

Whether you want to make money with your ebook or use it to help sell your other products or services, it will help build your credibility. Hopefully you have now learned some new ideas to make your ebook an even greater success.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist