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Facebook Posting. Oh No, It’s Time to Make the Posts!

It’s Sunday and it’s time to do some Facebook Posting for the week for your Facebook Business Page. I feel like that Donut guy, “It’s time to make the donuts.” Yuck!!

Facebook Posting Algorithms

Deciding what to post can give you a headache. Also you are realizing that because of Facebook’s new algorithms, no one may see your posts. But that is not entirely true. If you have a link to your Facebook Page on your website, people will still visit it. If you haven’t posted anything for a month or two, they will wonder what’s up. So yes, keep posting. Maybe not so often. Once a week may now be quite sufficient. But be consistent.

So back to what to post.

Ideas for Posting

Not only do you need to be creative, you need to figure out what your audience will want to read. Sometimes the creative juices are flowing and then sometimes it’s as if you have writers block. You need to build a library of ideas when you are in the mood ready for when you aren’t.

Here are some tips to help you:

Think about ideas that will help your clients relate to your business. If you want something a little more educational you may have to do a little research. I Google the web for ideas and I also read blogs and newsletters that I subscribe to and get ideas from them. You may include holidays or themes during the course of the year in your posts. I save them in for later use.

Create a list of what your audience might want to know about you. Refer to the list when you have brain freeze. In making that list, think about the results customers would have if they used your products or services. How can you enlighten them on what you do? What should they know about you personally? Make a list of at least 10 things and then refer to it as you are creating posts.

Make a list of what your audience’s interests are. For example, traveling, eating out, family outings, baseball games, golf, theatre. Write a sentence about your views on “something.” Write some that relate to what you do and some just pure entertainment.

There are three ways to post

Have fun telling your audience your tip of the week. People are using Facebook Live to post on their page. Just record and then you can save it in the post for those that were not able to watch your live video. How about some kind of demonstration. A short video is always welcomed by your audience. No special software or camera needed. Just use your Smart Phone. If you have the ability to put captions on it, that is great. Often people are scrolling with the mute button on so they can read what you are saying. To learn how to add captions to your videos, check out our blog post, Using Facebook Live for Business to Extend Your Audience.

The third way is using a simple photo. Here are some tips for using graphics. Graphics make your posts more attention getting (eye candy). Write a couple of lines of text and then insert the graphic. Your point will be made.

Grab a picture from You can find royalty free graphics there. Choose a photo and then write something from one of your lists that you saved.

Here is an example of a picture saying a 1000 words:

Facebook Posting graphic

Facebook Posting graphic


Social Media Text:  “I might need a lot of practice with my golf swing but I don’t need practice to help you with (what I do).”

Or, just post an inspiring quote. Use this tool and you can pick through a number of pictures and match to their quotes.

Facebook Posting with Pablo Buffer Program

Sample Facebook Post using Pablo Buffer


My final comment is to make sure your posts are 80/20. 80% educational/entertaining and 20% commercial. Your audience will appreciate getting to know you, like you, and trust you.

Now when I wake up on Monday morning, and I say “Time to Make the Posts” I just refer to my notes and find something fun and interesting. I schedule my posts and then when asked I can say “I already made the donuts.”

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist