One of the contributing factors to many business’s success, besides obviously, your amazing products or services, is the ability to reach many people through social media.  Facebook Page is at the top.

Rather than taking my word for it, let me give you a great example.  I am going to share with you a story about Five Points Pizza Denver.

Eden Myles, the owner, opened up this unique pizza place in Denver in January of 2016.  Eden was a believer of social media but his platform of choice was Instagram.  As much as I tried to convince him, he did not believe a Facebook Page for the Pizza shop would attract the customers he was looking for.  In his mind his age group was Millennials and they were on Instagram.  Well because a Facebook Page doesn’t cost anything he agreed to create a Facebook Page.  He had nothing to lose.  He just needed to be sure that he created some posts on a weekly basis to share with his viewing public.  So a minimal investment right!

But surprisingly to him, it turned out that Facebook drew a lot of viewers, way more than he ever expected.  In fact, he also discovered the Millennials were not his only avatar.  He had another customer profile.  Young couples with children.  They frequented his restaurant in the early evening hours and his Millennials in the later evening.  So he was attracting both with his Page Posts.

Front and center on his Page displayed his hours, his location, how to order a pizza and his actual menu.  People could check out the pizza experience before calling for pickup or delivery.  No website was required as it was view-able on Facebook, no charge.

The other important ingredient was his Page allowed people to get to know Eden, how he served his customers, with his posts and reviews.  People got to know Eden, like Eden, and trust Eden.

Along came a stunning enhancement, UberEATS, that revolutionized the way the delivery was handled.  As Eden already had a large following to his Page letting people know about this new opportunity to order his pizza was easy to share.

His success is obviously demonstrated by his sales.  But in less than a year Five Points Pizza had obtained local celebrity status by being named the #1 Pizza Place in Denver by a local polling campaign.  That is success, barely a year old and already voted that status.

Take a tip from someone who didn’t think Facebook could help his business.  It can help you find new prospects, without requiring any cost.  Its free.  Over 100 million Americans log into Facebook every night.  Facebook has so many tools to help you engage with those folks: you can post photos, videos, advertise events, you can obtain reviews from your customers, and you can have prospects sign up for your newsletter or blog. Facebook now offers – Facebook Live – can you imagine the thrill of live streaming?  A Facebook Page can even be an alternative to a website, if you don’t already have one.  If your marketing strategy doesn’t provide that same experience for your customers and you don’t have a way to find new prospects that clone your current customers, you need to consider creating a Facebook Business Page.

We have researched the marvels of Facebook and boiled it down into the Top Ten Reasons a Facebook Page Can Help Grow Your Business.  Click here to learn more.

If you don’t already have a Facebook Business Page, I hope you’ll consider building one, so that your customers can get to know, like, and trust you.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist