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We recently attended Brendon’s Burchard’s Expert Academy training in Santa Clara, California. To get a good feel for what this was all about… think Boot Camp for Online Marketing. Expert’s Academy is a four-day event where 800 people plus, from all over the world, get together to learn the secrets needed to market your expert knowledge. Whether you’re a speaker, author, coach, or business professional, you’ll learn everything you need to know to promote your products and/or services at an even higher level.

Brendon Burchard is a high-energy trainer and day-after-day he never disappointed. He was like the energizer bunny… never running out of batteries. He truly exceeded expectations with the value and knowledge he shared.  During the four days, Janet and I met, and worked with, a ton of interesting people. It really gave us a bigger vision of just how many people have the goal of building an online business. What was especially interesting is the everyone had a totally different niche market. I don’t know if we met any two people doing the same business. Each participant was unique with the “expertise” they wanted to share with the world.

We enjoyed that there was a strong focus on how to market your products. Whether you wanted to publish a book, online courses, coaching services, membership site, or whatever. Brendon provided a lot of information on how he personally launched many of his products and how he used joint venture partners. For those of you familiar with Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula,” you can tell that Brendon is one of Jeff’s students.

Here is just some of what we learned:

  • What is an Expert?
  • 5 Skills Needed for an Expert Empire
  • Facebook Best Practices
  • How to Package Your Expertise & Advice
  • Creating Evergreen Funnels & Relationships that Sell
  • Promotional Partnership Best Practices

Janet and I both thought Experts Academy was a really great seminar.  We were also impressed by the high caliber of people that were attending the seminar too. Everyone seemed so positive and upbeat.  As well as hungry for success. However, what was nice is that it seemed that instead of us all being competitors, we were instead, on a mission together. Nice.

One especially cool thing about Brendon Burchard’s programs is that his mom always attends as one of his “helpers”. We had the great fortune of meeting her and speaking with her for a bit. Wow, what a wonderful woman she is.

At the end of the program, Brendon acknowledged his mom and had her come up and join him on stage. I don’t think there was a dry-eye in the house. How do you not admire a man that pays homage to his mom?

By Gillian Whitney

Communications Consultant