Lesson 1 is: Just Keep Smiling

🎬 Feel uncomfortable on camera? You’re not alone.

One of the biggest struggles I had with doing videos was learning how to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

I’m an introvert and much prefer to be in the background. But, I know that sometimes we have to push ourselves if we want our business to be more visible.

So I thought I’d do a series of short videos and share some of my strategies.

My first video session did not go quite as planned. 😩

However, instead of deleting the video, I decided to share it anyway. Only because, having things “go wrong” is truly a part of the video journey.

Lesson 2: Decide What to Wear

🎬 Want to feel more comfortable on camera? Before you do anything, decide what to wear.

There’s nothing worse than feeling stressed about the clothes you’re wearing while making a video. 😳

While you might think you should “dress for success” it might be better to “dress for less stress.”

Rather than focusing on how you LOOK. Pay attention to how you FEEL.

Whatever you choose to wear… it should feel comfortable.

If your clothes make you feel uptight, chances are you’ll feel uncomfortable, and you audience will sense that discomfort.

In this video, I share my personal wardrobe secret. It’s not rock science, it’s just works like a charm for me. 😀

Lesson 3: Knowing What to Talk About

🎬 Want to feel more comfortable on camera? Know what you want to talk about before you hit that RECORD button.

While some folks seem to have a knack for being brilliant on camera, most of us don’t. So if you’ve ever felt like a deer in the headlights, please know you’re not alone. 😳

It can be stressful knowing what to talk about on camera. My secret sauce is to always have a few good stories up my sleeve.

It just seems that everyone loves to hear a story. And, I strongly suggest you share YOUR own personal stories.

The danger with telling other people’s stories is that it doesn’t always work:
👉 you might leave out important details.
👉 you might mix up names, dates, or places.
👉 worst of all… you could tell a story EVERYONE’S already heard. Boring!

Telling a personal story can help you feel less self-conscious. Storytelling is such a natural form of public speaking. An easy way to speak in a relaxed manner.

Most importantly, when you share a story it allows people to get to know, like, and trust you. ❤️

Lesson 4: Tell a Story to Make a Point

Lesson 4: Tell a Story to Make a Point 

🎬 Want to feel more comfortable on camera? Try using a story to illustrate the point you’d like to make.

Being on camera is tough enough. Add in the stress of trying to memorize all your lines! It’s enough to stop you from ever doing video. 😳

That’s why I make it a practice to NEVER memorize what I’m going to say. Instead, I like telling stories to make my point.

When you tell a story to illustrate your point, it’s like talking to a friend. You’ll feel more calm and relaxed.

Best of all, we remember the stories we hear, which means the lesson you’re sharing might have a better chance of sinking in. ❤️

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