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While recently helping a client with their Facebook Business Page, a staff member asked if she could post directly from her mobile phone instead of her computer.  I was a little surprised as she was very proficient on the computer.  Not sure why she wanted to do that, because you actually have more freedom to create varieties of posts from the computer.  But who am I to judge.  It’s what one is most comfortable with.  My answer to her was of course YES.

Since her Facebook experience has been limited to checking in with her friends, I had to give her a little more training on all the options available on her mobile Facebook app.  Which got me to thinking there may be other people who would like some tips on posting from their phone.

There may be a variety of reasons someone chooses to generate posts from their mobile device.  Maybe you are like this staff person or perhaps you are not always near a laptop, you are on the road, and prefer to create posts on the fly.  This blog post is dedicated to offering up a couple of good starting tips.

FB Apps

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you have downloaded the basic Facebook app as well as the Pages Manager app to your mobile phone or tablet (see FB Apps graphic).

By the way, the Pages Manager app looks very different than the Facebook App.  It has an orange flag sitting on a white background.  It is the application to manage all your Facebook Business Pages whether it is just one or multiple Pages.  I like it because you can do your checking, editing and managing without having to be distracted by your personal newsfeed that you will find in your traditional Facebook app.

Pages Mgr Post

On your Pages Manager app you can manage your reviews, check-ins, shares, see new likes and most importantly create posts.  You also can check your Insights which are your analytics.  But this article is only going to address a couple of posting ideas.  We will save analytics for a blog post another day.

So now that you have your two applications residing on your phone, lets discuss some of the actions you can take.

Let’s start with the Pages Manager App.  You can create a post of text only or text with your own photo or graphic.  Make sure you have a place on your phone where you can find your photo or graphic, usually either your camera/photos or Dropbox.  Open the app, then go to PUBLISH on the Page you are working in (see Pages Mgr Post graphic).  Upload the pic you want and then write some text comments above it.  Press Continue.  Select Publish now or Schedule an actual date and time in the future.  You’re done.     

Pages Mgr More

Another simple task you can do from the Pages Manager app is to go the More tab.  It is the one with the three dots (see Pages Mgr More).  Select “Stories from Pages Like Yours”.  Scroll through the posts and select something that would be appropriate to share on your Page to your customers.  Just click “Share.”  Click “Write Post”.  Make a comment.  Click Post.  Your done.  Isn’t that easy enough.

One last task.  This will be from your Facebook App because unfortunately you can’t do it from your Pages Manager app.  Darn it.  Maybe one day soon.  This is a tip to do a different type of share.  You can share a post from any Facebook business page that you like related to your business or not.  At the top in the search field, type in the name of the business page you want to see (see FB App Share graphic).  Scroll through their posts until you find one you like and is worth commenting to your audience.

FB App Share

Here are the steps to share.  Below the post, you will see “SHARE.”  Click it.  At the next window click where  it says “Write a Post”.  Important hint.  Before you finish, make sure that you are posting as your Business Page not as your personal timeline.  Otherwise the share will be in your personal newsfeed not your business page.  At the top of your app you can change from your personal to business page by the arrow.  Click WRITE A POST.  Write a comment over top of the share that explains why you are sharing it.  Then click PUBLISH.  Note that you are publishing in the moment.  You cannot schedule for a later time.

These three posting tips can be a great start in posting from your phone.  Simple and easy.  Once you get more comfortable with the process there are other applications you can use to sparkle up your posts.  But we will save that for another day.

Try and have a share or new post once a day.  The most important aspect of this daily communication is building relationships with your customers.  Have fun.  See you in a post.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist