I am writing this article in Malaga, Spain today.  Years ago, if I wanted to travel to Europe it was a vacation from work.  Now with my new business I can spend time in Spain and still be working.   Having confidence in my abilities and taking a leap of faith has opened new doors for me. I have allowed myself to explore adventure while accomplishing my new business goals.  How cool is that!!!

As I roam around this beautiful southern region of Spain, Andalusia, I am amazed at the happiness factor here.  The unemployment rate in this area is over 26%.    So, you would think that would make for a depressing group of people.  But to the contrary, I see people being creative, doing the best they can and enjoying life.   The mayor of a small town sells products like almonds, avocado oil, and honey to tourists.  A group of ladies host Sunday afternoon lunches to tourists to contribute to their income, and all with a laugh, a smile, and with confidence that they have delivered a great product and service.  These entrepreneurs show a great attitude for life.

As I have been meeting people and observing their wonderful attitudes while enjoying this beautiful country, it got me to thinking.  I have been beating my head wondering what is one of the big things that holds some people back from their success or happiness in implementing their plan.  In fact, sometimes people do an excellent job of sabotaging their plan.  I think I figured it out.  Its confidence.  The mayor and the ladies certainly didn’t seem to be lacking confidence.  Not all tourists will want what they sell or want to eat in their homes, but they have confidence that someone will.  That’s all that matters.

If you lack confidence in yourself, thinking you are not good enough, or that perhaps people won’t want what you have to sell, more than likely your plan will self-destruct.  It will be a self-fulling prophesy.   I can offer coaching to help business owners implement a plan to take their business to the next level, but if they don’t believe in themselves or their product it is all for naught.

Now I can’t make someone confident but I can sure encourage them to take the risk and even if they are unsure, try it anyway.  I recommended to one of my clients that he should create an apprentice program.  He built his business from scratch and has a lot of valuable information to pass on that would help others be successful in his field. He didn’t think that would fly. I believe he didn’t think he had something worth teaching.  I suggested he create a mini coaching course and test the waters, see if I was right.  So, if you are unsure, just take some baby steps and hopefully as you build success your confidence level will increase.    And remember the best confidence builder is to believe in your heart you are making a difference in other people’s lives as well as your own.

Remember Maria on her way to be a governess to 7 children of a Captain in “Sound of Music”.  Make this your song and sing it to yourself to build your own CONFIDENCE.  I sing it to the mirror all the time.  It works wonders.

I Have Confidence

Lyrics by Rodgers and Hammerstein

What will this day be like? I wonder.
What will my future be? I wonder.
It could be so exciting to be out in the world, to be free
My heart should be wildly rejoicing
Oh, what’s the matter with me?

I’ve always longed for adventure
To do the things I’ve never dared
Now here I’m facing adventure
Then why am I so scared?

A captain with seven children
[replace with  YOUR BUSINESS]
What’s so fearsome about that?

Oh, I must stop these doubts, all these worries
If I don’t I just know I’ll turn back
I must dream of the things I am seeking
I am seeking the courage I lack
The courage to serve them with reliance
Face my mistakes without defiance
Show them I’m worthy
And while I show them
I’ll show me

So, let them bring on all their problems
I’ll do better than my best
I have confidence they’ll put me to the test
But I’ll make them see I have confidence in me

Somehow I will impress them
I will be firm but kind
And all those children (Heaven bless them!) 
[replace with YOUR CUSTOMERS]
They will look up to me

And mind me with each step I am more certain
Everything will turn out fine
I have confidence the world can all be mine
They’ll have to agree I have confidence in me

I have confidence in sunshine
I have confidence in rain
I have confidence that spring will come again
Besides which you see I have confidence in me

Strength doesn’t lie in numbers
Strength doesn’t lie in wealth
Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers
When you wake up — Wake Up!

It’s healthy – all I trust I lead my heart to
All I trust becomes my own
I have confidence in confidence alone
(Oh help!)

I have confidence in confidence alone
Besides which you see I have confidence in me!

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist