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Do you have clients that are gobbling up a lot of your time?  It’s a struggle to try and create success with your client service, because you get frustrated that your teaching is failing.  Clients are calling all times of the day, because you are not in control of your schedule. The questions from your clients are the same ones over and over and there is no progress.

What to do. How do you have client service success?

These questions affect the service levels you provide your clients. You may be trying to provide the same service whether they have lots of money or not. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help your pocket book and the success of your business.

Here are some questions to consider:

#1 “can you give all your clients the same service?”

#2 “if some clients pay less, should they get less of your services?”

#3 “is it possible to give your clients the service you want and still set boundaries for yourself?”

Sound familiar. All good questions. Many small business owners have these concerns. You want to provide the best service you can. Some of your clients can afford to pay you what you expect for your services. But then there are others that cannot. If you give them the same services for lesser money, who wins.

So, let’s dissect each one and come up with some good solutions.

“can you give all your clients the same service?”

This is a two-part answer. The first is based on the expertise of the client. If they are tech savvy and can learn what you have to pass on, then the success rate is high. If on the other hand, they don’t grasp what you are teaching, you will be teaching them over and over. Or you just might have to do it for them.

So that leads into the second part of this answer. The clients that don’t learn quickly will become your worst nightmares. You will teach and teach. The lessons will not be absorbed, and you will never reach success, because they will not succeed.

So is it fair for the client who doesn’t “get it” to have most of your time? Even if you want to give them the same service, it won’t happen. You will end up giving more to those that don’t learn and since success will not happen, you will feel like you failed.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

It may mean taking another look at who your “ideal client” is. With that knowledge, do not accept clients that can’t learn. That may be a hard pill to swallow. But it leaves you in a better place to work with the clients that can learn and be successful.

“if some clients pay less should they get less of your services?”

Are you offering all of your clients the same service no matter their budget. That unfortunately is unrealistic. I suggest you create an online course. It could address those questions that get repeated. The clients that cannot afford the one-on-one coaching could get a package of an online course, a limited number of emails and perhaps a short number of calls. They will still get value from you, but you will not end up receiving less money per hour for services. From a conscience point of view, it is not easy to do but the alternative is the success of your business. Many coaches have two or three levels of service based on the client’s budget.

“is it possible to give your clients the service you want and still set boundaries for yourself?”

Are you receiving calls at all times of the day. It is very easy for a small business owner who works from home to accept calls at all hours as there are no set hours. But the one thing I can say is you have to set boundaries.

It actually is not in your clients’ best interests when you don’t set boundaries. You will become overworked and dilute your services. Set expectations when first engaging with a new client. Have a system for them to request coaching in advance. Then limit the number of calls per day. Each call can be fresh and with your best attitude and frame of mind.

You can also let everyone know when to expect a return email. 24 hours is a good time limit. Also take the weekends off. Don’t respond to emails during your weekend or your vacation. If you have to put an out of office on your email so they won’t expect a call until you are “back in the office”.


Having a paradigm shift with these three questions, is empowering. You can be a better coach and your clients will respect you and your time.

Hopefully this advice will help. Create online courses, membership programs, group coaching, and newsletters to answer many of your clients’ issues. This will allow you to focus your care on things that are personal to each client.

Your ideal customer should be someone that has the capacity to learn what you are teaching them. Focusing on those clients will be a win-win for both of you. Manage your boundaries. Create alternative ways for your clients to learn. The right clients will have success and that will lead to you creating client service success that will grow your business. 

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