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How I Do LinkedIn on a Daily Basis

How I Do LinkedIn on a Daily Basis

This past week, I had three people mention they’d like to be more active on LinkedIn, but they find the platform a little overwhelming. I feel their pain. That’s how I used to feel.

I don’t know if it’s because LinkedIn is a “business platform,” but when many of us step inside the LinkedIn world, we don’t understand how it all works. It can seem like everyone knows what they’re doing but you.

When I first started using LinkedIn I didn’t have a clue how it all worked. I thought the only goal was to get lots and lots of connections. I had no idea who I should be connecting with. And even worse, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with all those people once we were connected?

I didn’t know what to add to my personal profile. It seemed so boring to just copy/paste the contents of my resume. Plus, if I wasn’t looking for a job, why would I even want to list all the places I’d ever worked?

In the beginning I also had such a pathetically small network. I had no idea on how to make it grow. Who all was I suppose to connect with? My friends and family? People I used to work with? What about strangers?

I actually felt embarrassed to ask other people to “LinkIn” with me. So I tried connecting with random strangers. I felt like a total fraud.

But, I stuck it out and didn’t quit. 

The turning point for me was finally admitting I didn’t know what I was doing. So I did what I do best. I googled it.

Lo and behold, I found lots of information on using LinkedIn. I learned how to improve my profile. I learned how to find key connections. I learned how to publish posts and articles.

Today, I feel totally competent and confident using LinkedIn. Even better, using LinkedIn is now a regular part of my business strategy. I love all the great connections I’ve made. And being active on LinkedIn has done wonders for my business.

So, knowing there may be other folks out there, who are struggling to use LinkedIn, I thought I’d share what’s worked for me.  Which is why I made a video about how I do LinkedIn. In the video, I provide you a backstage look at my daily practice on LinkedIn.

Here’s what I cover in the video:

1. Be Consistent

I make LinkedIn a daily part of my regimen. I don’t usually go on on the weekends. Monday through Friday I try to spend at least 20-30 minutes a day on LinkedIn. 

2. Check Messages

I monitor my LinkedIn messages. These are the personal conversations I’m having with my connections. I always make a point to read and respond to each message I receive in a timely manner.  

3. Review Connection Requests

I don’t like to leave people hanging. If someone would like to connect with me, I review their LinkedIn profile to ensure they are a good fit for me. I always appreciate people that take the time to write me a personal note about what they want to connect with me. It’s polite.

4. Respond to Notifications

I spend a lot of time reviewing and responding to notifications. Primarily, I focus my reviewing posts and comments that mention me. This is a great way to continue the conversation and make some new connections. For instance, if someone took the time to leave a comment on a post I published, I like to give them a “thumbs up” and comment back on their original comment. 

5. Read Through the Newsfeed

I love looking through the newsfeed. There is so much great content to choose from. As I scroll through the newsfeed, I keep a lookout for posts that I find interesting.  When I see something, if I like the content, I usually give it a “thumbs up” and leave a thoughtful comment. I spend time to provide honest feedback that the author might find useful.

6. Prune Connections (Follow & UnFollow)

I like to spend a little time pruning my LinkedIn newsfeed. Therefore if I start to see there is too much content cluttering up my newsfeed, I may consider unfollowing specific people, businesses, groups, and hashtags. I can remove unwanted content from my newsfeed by simply using LinkedIn’s Unfollow feature.

When you are just getting started on LinkedIn you won’t have many connections. Therefore, it’s important to begin following people or businesses that you find interesting. You can even follow topics (hashtags #) you find interesting. This will provide you with a newsfeed worth scrolling through.

7. Check Out John Espirian

If you really want to up your LinkedIn game, I highly recommend you follow John Espirian on LinkedIn. I have learned so much reading John’s LinkedIn posts and articles.

I also suggest you check out John’s website, which has lots of great blog posts, audios, and videos. Best of all, he has put together a highly reviewed video course called: “How not to be a LinkedIn Loser” 

How I Do LinkedIn: Backstage Tour 

Below is the YouTube video I made, which allows you to see how I personally use LinkedIn. In the video I take you through my typical LinkedIn daily routine. 

Warning: It’s a little long (26 minutes) but I wanted you to get the full experience of what I really do. I hope this backstage tour helps you see LinkedIn as a little less confusing. And, I hope it will help you create your own LinkedIn strategy.

BONUS: To save you from having to take any notes, I’m enclosing a complete transcription of the entire video. The transcription can be found directly below the YouTube. Simply scroll on down and you’ll see it.


Video Transcript

Hi, this is Gillian with another episode of Social Media Marketing. Easy Peasy, because marketing your small business with social media should be easy peasy. Today I’m going to talk about LinkedIn and that’s because the other day one of my clients said to me, I don’t really know how to do LinkedIn. I am on LinkedIn, but I get in there and I get lost and confused, and I know you love LinkedIn. What is it that you do? So I thought it would be kind of interesting to take you on sort of a behind the scenes. Uh, what do I do every day when I’m doing LinkedIn? What does that actually mean? So I’m just gonna show you my best practices. This is just basically what I’m doing to be active and get my LinkedIn connections growing and being the best that they can be. First of all, you have to be on LinkedIn.

You have to make it a daily part of your regimen. I don’t usually go on on the weekends, but Monday through Friday I try to get on and spend, you know, maybe 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn, consciously going in and doing different things, so I’m going to just take you through my routine. I don’t come in and just post that. That’s what a lot of people do. I call it posting and ghosting, meaning that they come in, they post something and then that’s it. They log off and they’re done for the day. I’m actually the opposite. What I do is I come onto LinkedIn and I look at it as if it is a networking event. It’s an external now virtual networking event and I think about if I was going to a networking mixer in my local chamber of commerce or something like that, how would I act?

And the thing that I would not do, which a lot of people do on LinkedIn is I would not come to the networking event and say, buy my stuff. You just wouldn’t do that. That would be just poor judgment. And I also wouldn’t just throw my business cards and run away, you know, here, read my, read my book, buy my stuff, you know, that sort of thing. Instead I would want to be part of the conversation and if I didn’t know anybody there, I’d probably want to kind of go and stand around a couple of groups that I thought those look like some nice people I’d like to get to know. And then I would spend time listening to what the conversation is and seeing how can I be a part of that con conversation, how can I contribute? And that’s how I act towards LinkedIn.

I come here purposefully to see what kind of relationships I can get with people. And it’s not just about blinging my stuff out there. I truly come here to be helpful and my network of people is growing and growing and it’s all sorts of great things are happening for me on LinkedIn. Let me walk you through my day. So the first thing I do is I come in and I always start off with my messages. Is there somebody that has sent me a personal message? And that’s the first thing I want to take care of is if somebody is waiting back for me to give them a response. I like to go and have a look at my messages. I actually came in here earlier and this woman who uh, I recently connected with, she just wrote hi. Hello Gillian, good to connect with you.

I was like to be the last one that has, you know, something to say. So I could just turn around and say thanks. Happy to connect with you too. Looking forward to learning more about you and your business because that’s what LinkedIn is, it’s about businesses and then just send it and then that way I feel good. I’m carrying on the conversation. Kind of had the last word in a nice sort of way. So I always look through my messages. Is there any that I need to stick out and, and go take care of that would light up if I had any that I needed to do. And then the next thing I usually do is I go to my network. I want to see is there anybody that maybe wants to connect with me so I don’t like to, or I don’t like to ignore people.

I want to respond to people right away. I would click on my network. Usually it would tell me, you know, I’ve been here in here a second ago, so I’ve kind of like taken all the, the things off. So here is somebody that wants to connect with me. She sent me an invitation and at this point I can just go ahead and accept or I could ignore her. If you ignore somebody, you’re just saying, I don’t want to connect with you. And their, their invitation just goes away. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything mean would happen. Um, if, if, if you don’t really feel that that’s somebody that would be good, a good fit for you, feel free to ignore them. And it doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything bad. It just declines the invitation. I don’t even think they’re notified. It’s just the invitation is, is gone out of your inbox.

So don’t leave these all hanging around. They get in the way. What I like to do is some people automatically accept there’s kind of no right or wrong way. I like to actually go through and have a look at somebody and make sure that they fit and I have a criteria for who I like to connect with. I don’t worry about if I don’t know you or anything like that. It’s more along the lines of do I feel that number one, you’re my ideal client. You’re, you’re my avatar. Number two, would you be a connector? Would you know somebody who would be a good client for me? And then I also look at it in terms of can I learn from you? Are you somebody that I would be interested in? I share some sort of similarities with you. I would want to read your posts.

I feel that you have something interesting for me to offer. If you’re in a totally different industry and I can’t see that, I would be interested at all. I can’t see that we would cross paths. I don’t think I can help you. You can’t help me. I don’t connect with those people. So that’s just me being a little bit picky. And also too, I occasionally look to make sure nobody is scammy cause I feel I have a thousand connections. I feel that I want to protect all of my connections and I don’t want to let in somebody who’s going to maybe come in and spam everybody. And I’ve occasionally had some connections and I went, I didn’t even know if that’s a real person. I would decline them. So if I wanted to have a look and see who Jacqueline is, I just would click on her name.

And actually Jacqueline is a good ex, a good example of someone who was a very, very nice profile. She has a very nice profile picture. She has a background up. Um, one of the biggest things on LinkedIn is don’t have that blue generic background just makes you look like you’re not taking this seriously. I see that there are, we have some shared connections. We have 117 shared connections, which is really interesting because it probably means that Jacqueline and I share a lot of interests and I look at her and she’s working with, she’s helping women corporate, leaving their corporate career and probably running their own businesses. I do have a lot of, you know, that is something that we both have in common. She’s in the UK, I have a lot of UK connections. I’m very globally connected, so I think this is really good.

And the people who jump off the page that we have the shared connection, I like those people. I know those people immediately. So that just kind of pops, pops in. I also see that we’re in a group together, so we share that connection as well. If I wanted to learn a little bit more about Jacqueline, I can view her about, and I see that she’s, she writes articles, so she’s posting articles. She has 16,000 followers. It’s like, wow, she’s pretty hot, hot, hot, you know, really doing well and she’s active because she’s, she’s posting content or she’s commenting on other people’s content. So I think that’s good. If I look through, I see she’s got a lot of experience. NLP, that’s something I’m very interested. So again, we share that experience. So I would look at her and I would just say, Oh my goodness, yes, yes, I would love to, you know, love, love to accept her invitation and I’ll have to do is hit accept and now Jacqueline’s up new connections.

So I think that’s really cool. Um, she also has a business page if I wanted to. Um, it’s automatic if somebody has a business page, as soon as you connect with them, it’s going to ask you, do you want to follow my business page? I don’t usually follow business pages unless it would be like a company I’m trying to like learn about or something like that. I just usually stick to people. That’s just my own personal preference. That is a little bit about, you know, going through and accepting an invitation and how I do it. Once I’ve gone through the messages and I’ve gone through anybody who’s waiting to connect with me, then what I will do is I then look at the notifications and the notifications is different things of the different people in my network are doing. So sometimes it could be somebody has commented on somebody else’s post.

Sometimes I mentioned in a post, maybe somebody commented on my comments and I like to keep the conversation going. So I tend to come in and do a lot of stuff in the notifications. And anything that’s blue is something that I haven’t seen before. I haven’t acted on it. So this helps me kind of get a mental image of what, you know, what needs my attention and what doesn’t. So I would go through this and here, um, here’s something. It says a Joanne and 26 other people have commented on your post and it’s like, wow, that’s my post. And I see that here. Here is a, here is something. So if I wanted to click on that, it’ll go directly to what that comment was. So I see Joanne said love that system. Worked in the library in the fifth grade, so she’s continuing the conversation.

I can just say thanks for uh, sharing that, how fun. It just carries on the conversation and every time you post on your, you know, you comment on your own post or comment on somebody else’s post, it kind of gives up post a little bit of a bump and it goes back up to the top again. It’s a nice thing to do and not just for yourself, do it for other people, do it for other people in the conversations. And I actually meet a lot of people and connect with people by posting and commenting on other people’s posts. It’s like, I like their comments, they like my comments. So it’s a good way for me to find people that share similar outlooks about different things in life. That’s just a neat thing to do is I go through the notifications, see if there’s something I want to comment, a comment of, a comment.

We’re still having a conversation and sometimes they can just really be fun. This guy, this guy’s post the other day just totally cracked me up. So it said, this came through my door today. Anyone know what it is and what it’s used for? And it’s hysterical because it’s a phone book. And we used to live and die by having our phone books delivered at our door. Now we’re just like, who needs a phone book? We have Google, we have cell phones. We, Nope, like nobody even has a landline these days. So I thought that was so funny. Um, I said, uh, I think one of my comments was a complimentary doorstop to all citizens. He commented back and I can like his comment. So again, gives him a little bit of a bump. If I had more to say, I’m talking to you right now, so I’m not going to talk and go through this.

But if I had something to comment on the comment and would keep, I would keep it going. And every time we do his post gets a little bit of a bump and it goes back up into the newsfeed. Kind of fun to go through the notifications and see all these different things. And now since I’ve responded to that, that now goes white. So I know that I’ve already looked at it. I can come back in and I can look for anything that’s blue. I should go back and take a look at anything that’s white I’ve already looked at. Again, I’ll come back in here later today, but I just wanted to let you know. These are the different things that I do when I come through and look at my notifications. Then the next thing that I like to do is I like to go through and I like to look at my homepage, which of course shows my newsfeed and with this, this is for people that are like new to LinkedIn.

This is a really important thing to know. Your newsfeed is a direct reflection of the people that you are connected to or the people that you are following, or if you’re in a group, you would see the posts of a group, so you’re going to see the posts of people. You’re following posts of people that you’re connected to, and also too, if you’re following hashtags. I’m following a couple of hashtags here. If I look at these hashtags, these are all the different hashtags that I have decided to follow because they’re important to me. Copywriting tips. I like copywriting tips. Even though I am a marketer and I don’t necessarily do a huge amount of copywriting. There’s copywriting that marketers have to do, so I like to follow that LinkedIn learner’s lounge. That’s the great John Experian. He is really, really great stuff, so I love to follow his latest posts whenever he does stuff about the LinkedIn learner’s lounge.

It’s very, very good stuff. I follow my own company. I want to make sure that if somebody mentions me that I find it and then sometimes I actually tagged my posts with that hashtag so if I want to come back and find them later, they’re all curated under that one hashtag. That’s a tip I learned from John Experian, which was a great tip. These are now everything that I see in my newsfeed is a result of people in following or people I’m connected to, hashtags I’m following, and then any particular groups that I’m also a member, I might see those posts as well. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. So I’m not really sure how that all works. If you are not connected to anybody on LinkedIn, you’re going to get here and see not much at all, which is why it’s really important to connect with other people.

And if you’re new to LinkedIn and you’re not exactly sure who to connect with, one of the most important things is start following people that would be of interest to you. Maybe people in your industry, people that you might want to work with, work for, you know, maybe you’re looking for a job. So you might want to start following the different companies or the different executives or people that you think might hire. You might be able to connect you to a job. So that’s what you want to do is you want to follow people because you can follow people and you don’t need permission. You just click their name and say, I want to follow. And that’s all you have to do. If we look at this gentleman here, Roy Dawson, so I don’t, I don’t know. Right? I don’t know Roy at all. And if I wanted to connect with Roy, I would have to click connect.

I like to send people an invitation. That’s just my style. Some people don’t, but I always feel it’s, it’s a nice thing. They know who I am and why I want to connect with them. If I wanted to kind of learn a little bit about Ray before I connected with him, just to see if he’s some someone of interest to me or maybe I just want to see what he’s about first. If I click here on More and then I click on Follow, now I followed him and he doesn’t, he doesn’t see my stuff. I see his stuff. And at this point now I’ll start to see Ray Dawson’s posts in my newsfeed. So this is a really good way to get good information in your newsfeed. You know, I don’t want to, I don’t want to connect with Tony Robbins. He’s not gonna know me from Jack, but I might want to follow Tony Robbins.

I might want to follow Gary Vaynerchuk, all those people to learn from them and get some good information in my newsfeed. That’s the first thing that I always tell people. Start following people. That is so important. You want to follow people and I’ll give you a tip about extra connections at the end if I hopefully remember this. So that is really important. You should also think about who you want to unfollow as well because just like the person who doesn’t have very many people in their connections who maybe they’re new to LinkedIn or they’re young or they’re just starting out, they got 10 people. It doesn’t matter where you start, but you can also be the opposite. I have a thousand connections, which is, you know, probably like in the middle. I think, um, most people, you know, kind of the aim to get to 500, that the sort of, the goal with most people when they start on LinkedIn.

So I’m at a thousand, so it’s like, that’s not a big deal, but it’s, it’s, you know, regular. Now if I start to get to 30,000 or something, you have to think about it. I’m seeing 30 thousands people’s posts come through my newsfeed and I can get overwhelmed and like what if I’ve connected with people that I actually, I’m not really interested in their stuff. They might be a good connector for me, but what they post, I don’t have any interest in. Well what you can do is you can go, and I won’t do this to Ray cause I’m going to go ahead and follow him, but I am now following Ray. If I don’t want to follow him anymore, all I have to do is go here and click unfollow and Ray will never know. That’s the nice thing about unfollowing somebody. It’s like whether you’re connected to them or you’re just following them and now you don’t want to follow them anymore.

If you don’t want to see their posts anymore, just click the unfollow and that’s it. You won’t see it. And it’s really nice because it’s not like Ray’s going to get upset and get a message that says Jillian with is not following you anymore and now he feels bad. That doesn’t happen. So it’s a good thing to kind of prune your, your, your connections on LinkedIn. If you got too many people, start unfollowing them and get that behemoth newsfeed down to a manageable amount. That is my tip for the unfollow, which is almost as important as the following. Okay. So if we go back into the newsfeed now what we want to do is we want to go through the new speed and again go back to that cocktail party analogy or the networking event analogy where you think about being in a room with different people, having different conversations.

That’s what your newsfeed is and you want to go through the newsfeed and you want to begin looking for conversations that you might want to be a part of today’s international women’s day. And so any, any woman that I see that is, I’m, you know, a first connection to I feel a kinship. We’re all celebrating international women’s day together. So here’s Jules. I recently connected with Jules. I really like her, she’s nice. We, we’ve connected, we, we, you know, sent messages back and forth and I really think she does nice quality writing. And here she has some really lovely pictures. And so I would stop and I would read this and I would go through and she’s talking about you know, post, I love this post. A picture of the one woman who inspires you the most in the comments and then just tag them or you know if they’re on, if they’re on LinkedIn.

So I’m going to come back and read Jules and I’ve probably will like play, I hate to say the word play cause it sounds so silly but meaning I’ll be part of this conversation because I think it’s a lovely conversation talking about women who that are an inspiration to us. And I actually thought of doing a post like this so I don’t need to do that now cause Jule’s did it. So I’m going to come back in and I’m going to add my 2 cents of who inspires me. So I’ll make a mental note to do that. And the nice thing about LinkedIn is you don’t have to make mental notes. LinkedIn has this cool little feature here where if you click on these three dots, it has saved for later. And then that way I looked down over here and where am I saved? Here’s my saved items.

And so I can go click. And then that way I don’t miss, I don’t miss Jules. This posts, I can come back, go to my saved items, I can find this post, there’ll be at the top of it, and then I can respond. Uh, usually I respond in the moment, but right now I’m busy talking to you guys so I can’t do that. Anyways, I would go through the newsfeed and just see is there any conversations here that I want to be a part of. And especially if somebody is a first connection, if they’re a first connection to me, I want to go through and really see what they have to say. And you begin to recognize people over and over again that really have some great information to share. Heidi, Heidi Medina, she is not somebody I am connected to. I’m simply following her, but she has, she has some really interesting posts.

So I like to read what she has to say and I would just go through and, Oh, this is so cute with the little cartoon and the women’s. So I’d probably come back and want to do something about this too. So I’m probably going to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn today because it is international women’s day. That’s very important. It is very nice to go through here and find the conversations that you want to be a part of and then stop, give a comment if you like how other people have commented. You know, I always try to like a post and then I add my comment and then I like to read through other people’s comments and see what other people have to say. And if I like it, I’m like comment or at the very least I give him the thumbs ups.

I like to give people as much feedback as possible. I just kind of see it as like paying it all forward. And just, this is just like such a wonderful message today. Empowering women, you know, empowered women. I, I love it. I love it. I love international women’s day. It’s a great thing and I really feel that I have uh, created our cultivated a really nice tribe of people on LinkedIn that I really feel are like community, like shared shared friends, shared shared colleagues that you would come in and have wonderful conversations with. And a lot of times I go offline and I and I talk with people about different things. It’s just really become a neat, neat place. So I like that. Okay. So I said I was going to show you one more thing. So I’m going to show you how once you’re connected to somebody you can go through and maybe find other people in their network that you might want to connect with.

I’m going to go ahead and use my sister because I know she won’t mind so I’m just going to go ahead and type in her name. And there is my sister who is also my business partner. So if I go ahead and have a look at my sister, I see that my sister has 500 plus connections and my sister and I are first level connected to each other. So if I click on this 500 plus connections, I now see all of the people that my sister’s connected to. So my sister actually has 900 plus results. And at this point I might go through here and I might say, Oh, I’d like to, you know, here’s somebody who’s a ghost writer. I think I maybe would like to connect with that person as well. So anybody who’s second connections means I’m not connected to them. My sister is.

So now I might want to go through my sister’s connections and say, Hmm, this might be somebody that would be somebody I would be interested in, in, uh, connecting with. So I would simply, uh, I can go ahead and click here and then I can send, if I liked their profile at this point, I see, Oh, it’s somebody in Tucson, Arizona. It’s where I used to live in Arizona. So if I wanted to connect with this person, I would just click to connect and then I can add a note. And they would see that we share 17 mutual connections. They’re more likely to connect with me because I’m not a stranger to them. So that’s one thing that I highly suggest. If you have, don’t have a lot of people in your network, go through the people that you are now connected with and look through their people and see if there’s somebody that you would be interested in connecting with and know that since you’re already connected to who they’re connected to, you’re more likely to get, um, your invitation done.

Another too is you can go through and do a search and you can narrow it down. So you can go up here and you can do a search field. So if I was looking for realtors in Arizona or something like this, I could go ahead and do a people search and I could narrow it down and I can put locations and all sorts of different things. So you can go through, I think there’s a limit on how many searches you can do, but there’s no limit of going through other people’s connections that you’re already connected to and looking for more to help grow your network. So that kind of gives you an overview of what I do when I come into LinkedIn. One of the things that I wanted to leave you with is someone who I highly recommend following. And that is John Espirian. He is just so talented, so bright.

No so much. I have learned so much on LinkedIn from John and John has, um, who was one of the hashtags I follow and he does, he does a blog post. He does the most interesting, interesting LinkedIn posts. Um, just all around really nice guy, really nice guy. And he actually has a course called How Not to be a LinkedIn Loser and you know, you can come here for free and you can actually hire John and he’ll work with you and you know, help you with your profile and stuff. But he has this course and it’s three hours. It’s like a really comprehensive course and he goes through and teaches you everything that you need to know about how not to be, you know, he goes through with your tactics and you know, your profile and getting everything all set up. So, um, this is a program I would highly recommend to come in here and do.

And he’s just got the cutest little Bitmoji guy, John that shows up everywhere. He’s just hoping he’s got so much character and it’s $110 and you get a, sorry, 110 pounds, which is I think like probably 145 American dollars if you’re American. And you can come here and stream and watch his videos and I think he’s got some PDFs and slides and all sorts of different things. So if you really need help with LinkedIn, go to John. And also too, if you need some good copywriting, he’s like probably one of the best copywriters that I have seen. He’s really, really talented. Go ahead and put his a website and the notes below so that you can click and also come to LinkedIn and uh, you know, just, just type for John. Here he is. John Espirian, just type John Espirian into LinkedIn. Um, I’m telling you, he is just a wealth of information, just so much great stuff.

He’s got a book coming out next month, all sorts of different things. Just go through and read his posts and just all sorts of really, really good stuff.

That’s it for me today with another episode of social media marketing. Easy-peasy, because marketing your small business with social media should be easy peasy. If you liked this video, please give it a thumbs up. Leave me a comment. I respond to all comments, and if you’d like to watch the next episode of any of the videos that we do on the Launch4Life YouTube channel, go ahead and subscribe. Just click and subscribe and we would just be so happy if you did that. Have a great day.


Something Beyond Facebook – “LinkedIn” [Updated 2019]

Something Beyond Facebook – “LinkedIn” [Updated 2019]

We all thought having a Facebook Business page was the most important social media presence to have for your business. But in a study from ROI Research, 59 per cent of respondents say LinkedIn is their most important account on social networks. But how do I use LinkedIn to promote my business you may ask?

Every day we hear about why it is important for a business to have a presence on Facebook. There are a few good reasons. Facebook Business Pages are public so easy to find them by prospects even if they don’t have a Facebook account.

If someone “googles” you, they are sure to see your Facebook Business Page Link. When someone does visit, they will see your “About” section and learn some facts about your business. Some businesses use it as a main place to showcase their products. Even replacing a website. But if you are hoping that if you post consistently that Facebook viewers will see your posts in their newsfeed, your chances are slim.

We are hearing that Facebook is continuing to minimize Business Page posts to people who LIKED their page. So, though there are some good reasons to have a Facebook presence, it is having less of an impact in organic growth. Facebook Ads may be the only recourse. That costs money, and if you are not good at it, your money may be wasted. But either way, that still puts the control in your prospects hand, not yours. You can’t control who will click on your ad.

Many big personal brands are now using LinkedIn as their go to for organic growth. So, if LinkedIn is now becoming a huge alternative for businesses, how can you use it to your advantage?

Welcome to LinkedIn. Let’s see if LinkedIn is right for you. First you have to get rid of the myth that LinkedIn is just for job hunting. So not true! There are over 500 million people worldwide on LinkedIn and every 2 seconds someone else is joining. Do you think all 500 million are looking for jobs!! Most people on LinkedIn are there because they are business professionals and they want to connect with other like-minded people.

Your prospective customers may well be on LinkedIn. It’s certainly easy to find out. Most of the LinkedIn audience are educated people with average incomes of $100K or more. If these are your ideal clients or as we say your perfect Avatar, this may be the place for you to be. 

Here are some really good reasons for being on LinkedIn that you may not have considered.


Organic Growth Still Available

People are still viewing your organic posts (unlike Facebook). So, you have a great opportunity to share all sorts of things so your “connections” can see what you are up to and if you play your cards right, they will want to visit with you offline.


Easy to Talk To

Once you have set up a profile, you can easily search for people you already know and ask them to “connect”. You can also send them messages in advance of connection, so they know why to connect. Or you can send messages to those you are already connected to. Start a conversation and lead them to meet offline either with a face to face or conference call, to continue the dialogue.


LinkedIn App

You can add the LinkedIn App to your mobile phone. This allows you very easily to create a video in the moment and post on LinkedIn. You can also upload photos on the fly as well. Just went to a meeting. Want some things to share. Before you are home your post is published and people are commenting.

How to Post Something on LinkedIn?

How do you post something on LinkedIn? You have two ways to post content.
The first is to create an article. It can be fairly long (like a mini blog) with a graphic. You can refer people to your article. Or if they go to your profile, they will see all of your articles that enhances their awareness on a particular topic. The other way is to post (just like Facebook) with a graphic or video and some text above.

linkedin content

LInkedIn content can consist of: articles, posts, videos, and documents


SEO Opportunities

Your Linked In Profile is an awesome opportunity to get found online. It can help your SEO (search engine optimization). The first way is that your LinkedIn profile will show up if someone “googles” your name. The second is by using hashtags # in your posts. LinkedIn will offer you some choices. If they fit, use them. If not replace with what you think is more fitting. Make sure that the first 3 Hashtags in your post are what you want to be searched for. We wrote a blog post taking a deep dive into LinkedIn and SEO, you can check it out here: Using LinkedIn Profile Tips to Increase Your SEO

Google Gillian Whitney LinkedIn

When your Google someone, their LinkedIn profile is listed in the search results


LinkedIn Live Available (in pilot mode)

Microsoft, who owns LinkedIn is supporting LinkedIn Live through its Azure Media Services, which provides the necessary technology to be able to seamlessly stream live videos. LinkedIn is also partnering with Brandlive, Wirecast, Wowza Media Systems, Switcher Studio and Socialive, to enable content creators to access experienced broadcasting streaming services. If you would like to be in the pilot prior to the full rollout, pick one of these services and then request to get started now.

“Like other live streaming services, LinkedIn Live allows marketers and brands to broadcast real-time videos and engage with large and small groups. Viewers have the ability to like the video during the broadcast and ask the host questions in real-time,” said Dave Gerhardt, VP of marketing at Drift.


Video Gets You More Bang for Your Buck

The introduction of LinkedIn Live illustrates that the platform is increasing its emphasis on video content because this medium generates the most engagement. According to Marketing Land, LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share a video than any other type of post.

Your Video Posts will get more views than regular graphic posts. The bonus is that your video will be displayed in your connection’s newsfeed, their connections, and even up to a third connection. This opens up your content being seen by people who don’t even know you. Yet!!

Video Post Statistics


LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn will recommend groups for you in the “search group” field based on your profile. However, if you want to join a group of your choice, a suggestion is to go to someone’s company profile. If they have a group, you can request to join.


Networking Opportunities

Most of the people you will meet already are on LinkedIn. Think of the opportunity to ask those people to LinkedIn with them. Without creating a connection, you may cross paths like ships in the night. But making a connection with someone gives you an opportunity to cultivate a relationship through your posts, articles, and direct messages.


Networking Case Studies

Here are a couple of ideas showcased in these true stories.

Gillian went to a WordCamp conference recently. She made sure that she went online in advance to see who the speakers were. She connected with them on LinkedIn before the conference. The people were looking for her at the conference. One speaker even asked if she would sit in the first row and ask questions. Gillian became noticed at the conference by her connections.

Networking at WordCamp

Attending conferences and other business events is great content to share on LinkedIn. Always try to use appropriate HASHTAGS.


Even if you don’t connect in advance, connect afterwards so you can start a conversation. Even if they are not your potential clients, you can easily then connect with theirs and expand your network.

I recently was a speaker at a Social Medial 101 Workshop. One of the attendees and I connected after. We met for a glass of wine and then she asked me to be a guest on her Podcast. That was an awesome connection.

Attending a conference last month, I was impressed with the speaker. I connected with him afterwards and sent him a message to see if we could get together. He lives 3 hours away, so I easily arranged a call on Zoom. We had a video conference and found out how we could send business to each other.

We now are able to create Powtoon videos for other people as we have the Agency level. Gillian went to the Powtoons company page and asked to join their group. Now she is LinkedIn with the Powtoons people. 

Here are a few tips that will help you whether you are already on LinkedIn or you are thinking of joining:

#1 You can have a personal profile and you can have a Company profile. Both free. You can connect them, once they are both created, by adding your personal profile as an employee of the Company.

#2 When creating your personal profile, always make sure your picture is professional looking. Don’t use a photo of you with your kids or your dogs. Have someone take a snap with your camera with you looking your best. If you have a professional one that is great.

#3 There is a space behind your picture that you can customize. Use it. The dimensions are 1584 x 396 pixels. Either use a landscape style photo or we recommend using to create a custom banner. Save it as a JPG to upload to LinkedIn, not a PNG. Here is an important tip of creating the cover image: Add a message, a call to action, tell them what you do, share your website address, or show your lead magnet. Don’t waste this valuable real estate.

Here are two random samplings. One is not taking advantage of his banner. The other one is. Make sure you create a banner that represents who you are and what you offer.


The default LinkedIn background.



A custom LinkedIn background.


#4 Make note of the Header and make sure the words are Client Facing – meaning “what you do to serve your customers”. No one cares what your title of your firm is. They want to know why they should get to know you.

#5 Make sure your summary tells people what you do, who you serve, and the transformation you provide your customers. Whether it is coaching them to success, creating special evenings, helping them find the home of their dreams, or giving them peace of mind with the right life insurance product, this is the place to tell them that is the end result.

#6 Connect, connect, connect.  Spend at least 30 minutes per day using “My Network” and connecting with new people. If you can, send them a personal message. Here is a tip how to do that: Instead of just clicking the Connect button, click their profile, then click Connect. It will allow you to send a personal message. Even if they are not your “ideal” client, you will be able to connect to others they are connected to. Expand your connections, expand your reach.

#7 Once you are connected, you can send Messages suggesting that you and that person get offline and talk by phone, email, or a face to face meeting.

#8 Join LinkedIn Groups. Participate in those groups to learn and build relationships that can connect you to others.

#9 Use the Search Field to explore finding new contacts by a variety of fields.

#10 Add new posts every few days with interesting topics related to your services. Join in conversations of what others post. Do LIKES, shares or Comments. If you are a writer, post some articles. If you are into video, post some personal videos of what you do, maybe seminars that you are offering, or a course they can sign up for. Or share an experience that you provide your clients – add a link to your website.

LinkedIn offers a lot. Access daily on your laptop or with the LinkedIn app for tablets and mobile phone.

There are several premium options available with LinkedIn. There are many courses that explain how to really powerhouse LinkedIn. Down the road, you can see if those will be advantageous to you or not. My advice is to start off slowly with the free version. You may never need to upgrade. Get comfortable with LinkedIn being a part of your marketing process. Go find those connections that are looking to connect with you.

In conclusion I want to stress to you, that being on social media does take some time. So, our recommendation is always to “Pick One” and then work it. If after reading this blog you feel LinkedIn is for you, then focus on it. Get your profile right and then post consistently.

If you need to post on a couple of social networks at a time, you may want to look to a program like Hootsuite. They have a free version that allows you to post up to 3 networks at a time. This actually is an advantage. LinkedIn doesn’t offer you the ability to save a draft or schedule a post. Using Hootsuite, will give you that option.

If you want to start creating videos but don’t know where to start, you may want to sign up for our free 15 consultation. We can either tell you how to build your own, or we can create some for you. Link to consult…..

Or perhaps you want to learn how to create awesome posts but don’t know the first thing about what photos to use, etc. We got you covered. Its all in our Graphics Course.  Marketing Your Business With Graphics

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist


Using LinkedIn Profile Tips to Increase Your SEO

Using LinkedIn Profile Tips to Increase Your SEO

Yoda wants to know if you are coachable

Many people when deciding which social media platforms to choose for their business, often neglect choosing LinkedIn. They often associate it as a vehicle for resume building. If that is what you think, you are missing a great opportunity. Keep reading and learn why having an LinkedIn profile will optimize your SEO and will actually enhance your business. We will also share how to optimize your LinkedIn for best results. 

With over 500 million people connecting B2B or B2C, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Having an SEO strategy with LinkedIn is just as important as SEO for your website.

SEO LinkedIn Tips

 How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile


I will share why it is important and how with some LinkedIn profile tips, you will be able to optimize your LinkedIn Profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is a great way for people to know something about you, the owner.  People want to do business with those they know, like and trust. What better way for someone to get to know you or connect with you, than LinkedIn.

Let’s first discuss three great reasons for having a LinkedIn profile for yourself, as a person. By the way, you can also have a LinkedIn profile for your business. But we always recommend having one for yourself as well and first. This is as important as having social media platforms for your business:

First Reason 

When people check out your website, they often look to check your “About” tab. They want to know a little more about the person behind the business. Once they know you are the owner, they often will go to LinkedIn to see some more details about you. Curiosity, as well as to see your qualifications and whether you are legit.

Second Reason 

Or if they met you at a networking event or conference, they will often look you up later on LinkedIn to learn more about you or to connect. Without a LinkedIn site, there is little opportunity for you to network through social media. Not being able to connect with others is a huge missed opportunity. Conversely, if you are on LinkedIn you can make the first move to connect with others to network and build relationships.

Third Reason 

Lastly, if someone googles you or your business, often your LinkedIn profile will show up.  LinkedIn profiles are great for SEO optimization. The more they see, the more legit your business becomes.

Let’s Look at Some LinkedIn Facts….. 


Who’s On LinkedIn?

Let’s start off with what kind of people have profiles on LinkedIn. Here are some interesting statistics. Most of the people with profiles have an average incomes of $100K or more and usually college educated. 41% of LinkedIn members are millionaires. 

By the way many influencers and decision makers are on LinkedIn. With over 250 million monthly users worldwide and 40% of them daily, you have the opportunity to find people you would never find otherwise.

Business professionals are looking for interesting articles and videos to increase their knowledge. With a little effort you can post and educate your connections and use that to network. You will find some tips peppered in this blog article that will help you use your LinkedIn profile to gain more connections and expand your network.


LinkedIn Opportunities

If someone hears about you, the first thing they will do is “google” your name.  What better place for someone to quickly find information about you than through LinkedIn. They will learn what you look like, your background, who your customer is, how you help your customers, what you do, and how to find you. They will see your endorsements and be able to read your articles.  If you have done your homework right, they will immediately understand a lot about you. Your goal is to have people know you, like you, and trust you.

You can connect with people in all sorts of industries and related business fields. It is like having a huge file of business cards at your fingertips.  Even if you are an introvert, it is the easiest way to try and create a dialogue without worrying about someone “hanging up” on you.  You can get people to warm up to you through messaging and having people view your posts.  How easy is that! I will give you some hints on that.


Tip #1 SEARCHING Other Business Owners or Potential Prospects

You can use LinkedIn’s search feature and key words to find the people that you want to connect to for business. For example – realtors, insurance agents, chefs, lawyers. Whoever is your target market.  So, keep in mind that your ideal customer could be right there waiting for YOU to show up. Finding them is easier than you may imagine. If you are not sure your potential customer (avatar) is on LinkedIn, go online and do some searches. They are closer than you think.


LinkedIn Profile Tips

Here are some tips for making sure that when someone does land on your profile that it is polished and worthy of consideration of connecting or doing business with:

♦ Photo

There is a place to upload a photo in your header. It is a faux paux to leave it blank. Most people will think you are a robot or you are being scammy if there is not a personal photo of yourself. But since this is a professional site, best not to use a casual or family-oriented shot with the kids and dog.  Since it is a professional site, best to use a picture of you looking professional. A business suit if you have a business where that is normal wear. If you are a web designer, a chef, a hairdresser, something with your type of attire is perfectly acceptable. Clean and neat though. 

Upload a headshot, shoulders and above. Best size is 400 x 400 pixels, square. First impressions last. Make sure it is good quality. But you don’t need to hire a photographer. You can use a blank wall and take a nice one from your phone. Then just do a little editing if need be with photo tools on your laptop or mobile phone.

♦ Banner

This is the area behind your profile. This is the area that has a blue grid on it. This is valuable real estate to tell people who you are and what you do and whom you serve.  

Hint. Upload as a jpg. Don’t know why, but a png doesn’t upload.

You can add something as simple as a photo or graphic. Suggestions could be your town skyline, a fabulous dish, a person having their hair cut, a photo of the book you published, etc. Canva is a great tool to create a banner if you would like to add text to your banner.  Still save it as a jpg.


Tip #2 Photo Positioning 

Keep in mind that if someone sees your LinkedIn profile on a laptop, your photo is in the center bottom.  If you see it from a mobile phone it often shows on the left side. So, consider where you position your text so that it doesn’t get cut off.


♦ Header Section

In your header use lots of great keyword phrases that you would normally use in your website or blog content to describe what you do. Make it client focused. Not about you, but what you do for clients. Separate each phrase with a space or bullet. Google will pick up those keyword phrases. That could be a bonus to your SEO optimization.

♦ Profile Information

Be sure to include your business phone number, business email address, your website address in your Profile so people can find you and connect offline.

♦ About YOU

This is a great place to talk about how you help your customers with their specific problems relating to your business.  Don’t make it about you and your awards and education. Boring. Write about the transformation your business creates. How do you solve their problems?

I suggest you write this section in a word document and then copy and paste into LinkedIn.  You want to craft it carefully, so it really explains what your client’s issues are and how you help them. What do you do that will make their lives better by using your service or product? Not too wordy, but strong enough people will get the idea of your service.

♦ Experience and More  

Complete as many of these details as you can so people will get a good sense of you. People you went to school with you may be searching for others. Great way to meet them here and let people know what you are doing now. Could be potential customers. If you have special skills, this would be a good place to note them. 

Once your Profile is set up, the next step is to actually create some content. The point of your posting is to provide value to potential customers that will educate them or be of interest. Periodically you can have a little commercial that you can send them offline to your website, your lead magnet, your webinar, your open house, etc.

♦ Posting Hints  

You have two options to post content. First is creating some awesome posts and articles. The second is adding graphics and/or videos. This is when some of the SEO magic can come in. Posts are usually short and sweet and come with a graphic, photo, or video. Articles are longer stories. Sort of like mini blogs.


Tip #3 Hashtag Strategy 

When you write a post, LinkedIn will help you by suggesting some hashtags. LinkedIn loves hashtags, so feel free to use any they suggest they are applicable but also some of your own that you use regularly for your business. This will help people looking for content by a # to find your post.


Tip #4 Video Programs 

Absolutely use video for best viewing. If possible, we suggest you use captions as often people watch in silence. Second option is to run little PowerPoints that will have the text on the screen. We love “explainer” videos.  There are many kinds of programs out there to help you create videos. We love Powtoon, Loom, and Videoscribe. Videos are great for SEO. But giving you the tips for creating videos is another blog article altogether. The nice thing about learning about videos, is you can use them on any other social media you use and your website.


LinkedIn Video Tips

                              Video Tips for LinkedIn



Tip #5 Video Viewing 

Every time you post a video it will show to your first, second and even third connections.  So, the more connections the more opportunity for your video to be seen.


♦ Building Your Connections

Focus on getting your connections up to over 500. Besides having a larger pool of people to network with, it will give you more credibility with LinkedIn. LinkedIn suggests people for you to connect with based on your current connections. Spend a little time going through the list and inviting people to connect. Also, every time you go to a networking event or conference and you get someone’s business card, next day go online search for them on LinkedIn. Ask them to connect while you are fresh on their mind. If you think you would like to get together, you can send a message while connecting or after they connect and ask them to have a conference call with you or meet face to face.


Tip #6 Connection Strategy 

When you are connecting, you can either just press the “connect” button or you can send a message. You can just ask someone to connect but I think it is much nicer to customize the invitation and send a personal message.  This is also important if they don’t know you. They will be more inclined to accept your invitation. Better chance of a successful connection.



Screen Shot of LinkedIn Requesting to Connect with someone new.


But don’t grow your connections just for the sake of numbers.  Reach out to people who have synergy for you, partners or perspective clients or potential referrals. Connect with people you think will grow your professional network.

♦ $$ Membership  

LinkedIn is free. However, there are paid choices. The paid memberships are really for people who are committed to using LinkedIn as their primary prospecting tool.  If you are not planning that, you can get plenty out of the free version. You may never need to upgrade. You may be tempted with their trial but beware it is very expensive for the Sales Navigator or Premium version. LinkedIn also offers ads. But I think you can grow your value with LinkedIn organically if you give it a little time and energy.


Final Thoughts

Who would have thought SEO and LinkedIn go together but they do? Writing fresh content with appropriate keywords or posting a summary of your blog with a backlink to your website will aid in that strategy. We all want to get to page one of Google. LinkedIn is a great asset in that pursuit.

Having a great optimized LinkedIn profile will do much to help your SEO as well as set you up as the professional you are.  Hope these LinkedIn profile tips and LinkedIn SEO tips gave you some ideas to create one or fix the one you have. At the end of the day, SEO is all about being found by the right people whether on social media or your website so people will eventually hit that “buy” button.

Tomorrow start your LinkedIn profile or take our advice on the tips and enhance your profile and posting strategy. 

Using LinkedIn Profile Tips to Improve Your SEO

If you would like to know even more about optimizing your LinkedIn profile for SEO, we invite you to watch this webinar replay:

Janet Elie Launch4Life

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist


Time to Make the Posts

Time to Make the Posts

Facebook Posting. Oh No, It’s Time to Make the Posts!

It’s Sunday and it’s time to do some Facebook Posting for the week for your Facebook Business Page. I feel like that Donut guy, “It’s time to make the donuts.” Yuck!!

Facebook Posting Algorithms

Deciding what to post can give you a headache. Also you are realizing that because of Facebook’s new algorithms, no one may see your posts. But that is not entirely true. If you have a link to your Facebook Page on your website, people will still visit it. If you haven’t posted anything for a month or two, they will wonder what’s up. So yes, keep posting. Maybe not so often. Once a week may now be quite sufficient. But be consistent.

So back to what to post.

Ideas for Posting

Not only do you need to be creative, you need to figure out what your audience will want to read. Sometimes the creative juices are flowing and then sometimes it’s as if you have writers block. You need to build a library of ideas when you are in the mood ready for when you aren’t.

Here are some tips to help you:

Think about ideas that will help your clients relate to your business. If you want something a little more educational you may have to do a little research. I Google the web for ideas and I also read blogs and newsletters that I subscribe to and get ideas from them. You may include holidays or themes during the course of the year in your posts. I save them in for later use.

Create a list of what your audience might want to know about you. Refer to the list when you have brain freeze. In making that list, think about the results customers would have if they used your products or services. How can you enlighten them on what you do? What should they know about you personally? Make a list of at least 10 things and then refer to it as you are creating posts.

Make a list of what your audience’s interests are. For example, traveling, eating out, family outings, baseball games, golf, theatre. Write a sentence about your views on “something.” Write some that relate to what you do and some just pure entertainment.

There are three ways to post

Have fun telling your audience your tip of the week. People are using Facebook Live to post on their page. Just record and then you can save it in the post for those that were not able to watch your live video. How about some kind of demonstration. A short video is always welcomed by your audience. No special software or camera needed. Just use your Smart Phone. If you have the ability to put captions on it, that is great. Often people are scrolling with the mute button on so they can read what you are saying. To learn how to add captions to your videos, check out our blog post, Using Facebook Live for Business to Extend Your Audience.

The third way is using a simple photo. Here are some tips for using graphics. Graphics make your posts more attention getting (eye candy). Write a couple of lines of text and then insert the graphic. Your point will be made.

Grab a picture from You can find royalty free graphics there. Choose a photo and then write something from one of your lists that you saved.

Here is an example of a picture saying a 1000 words:

Facebook Posting graphic

Facebook Posting graphic


Social Media Text:  “I might need a lot of practice with my golf swing but I don’t need practice to help you with (what I do).”

Or, just post an inspiring quote. Use this tool and you can pick through a number of pictures and match to their quotes.

Facebook Posting with Pablo Buffer Program

Sample Facebook Post using Pablo Buffer


My final comment is to make sure your posts are 80/20. 80% educational/entertaining and 20% commercial. Your audience will appreciate getting to know you, like you, and trust you.

Now when I wake up on Monday morning, and I say “Time to Make the Posts” I just refer to my notes and find something fun and interesting. I schedule my posts and then when asked I can say “I already made the donuts.”

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist


Why You Need the Facebook Pixel

Why You Need the Facebook Pixel

Why You Need the Facebook Pixel

Do you have a Facebook Page for your business? Are you running Facebook Ads? Then you really need to consider installing the Facebook Pixel on your website.

Facebook Pixel? What on earth is that?

The Facebook pixel allows you track the actions of your website visitors’ actions.


Benefit #1

The Facebook Pixel helps you analyze the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads. When the Facebook Pixel is installed on your website, you can track traffic from Facebook to your website. In simple terms, it helps you track the actions of anyone that visited your website from Facebook. This conversion tracking lets you know if Facebook Ad “clicks” are converting into website sales or other website actions.


Benefit #2

The Facebook Pixel allows you to capture website visitors and later create a Facebook Custom Audience. Why is this important? Well, whenever someone visits your website they become part of your “warm market.” These folks are more likely to become prospective customers because they already know who you are. With the Facebook Pixel, you can capture that website traffic and then target your products/services to them with a Facebook ad. This clever little marketing strategy is known as retargeting.

While you may not be familiar with term “retargeting”, I’m sure you’ve already experienced it as a consumer. For instance, have you ever looked at a book on Amazon and then later saw in your Facebook newsfeed? It’s almost as if it’s following you. Well, that’s not a coincidence. You were tracked on Amazon’s website with a Facebook Pixel and then a related Facebook Ad is trying to lure you back to Amazon to seal the deal.

Okay, so now that I’ve explained why the Facebook Pixel is worth installing on your website, the next question is… how to get started? It’s actually easier that you might think.


Here’s what you need to get started:


1. Access your Facebook Ads Account by going to:

facebook ads manager
2. Click on the menu in the upper left corner.

Facebook ads manager menu selection

3. Choose the Pixels section.

Choosing the Facebook Pixels option

4. Click the “Create a Pixel” button.

5. Choose the “Install Manually” option and copy the pixel code provided. (This part looks scary, but it’s really not. Below, we’ll share an even simpler method.)

copy the Facebook pixel code
7. Paste the Pixel Code in the “header” section of your WordPress website. This automatically inserts the Facebook Pixel onto EVERY page of your website.

Paste the code into the Header of your website

NOTE: Finding the “header” section of your website will vary depending upon which WordPress Theme you are using. For instance, we use Divi by Elegant Themes, which allows us to paste the code on the Divi Theme Options “Integrations” page.


Install the Facebook Pixel using a WordPress Plugin


If copying/pasting code feels a little too overwhelming, there are several WordPress Plugins that make the process easier. Here are two plugins that are both free and easy to use. If you have WooCommerce installed on your website, I suggest you use the WordPress plugin by Ads Espresso.


Additional Instructions & Tips from Facebook


Facebook also offers instructions on how to install the Facebook Pixel on your website. Here is a link to The Facebook Pixel support page. You will notice that there is a lot of great information provided.

Once you’ve installed the Facebook Pixel it’s a good idea to test and make sure it’s working. You can do this by visiting Facebook’s Pixel Helper Page.

As a final tip, keep in mind that It’s never too early to install the Facebook Pixel on your website. Even if you haven’t run a single Facebook Ad, if you think you will in the future, get the Pixel installed today.

A good marketing strategy requires having the relevant tracking and analytic tools in place. This helps you determine what’s working and what’s not. Installing the Facebook Pixel makes good business sense. Otherwise, when you run Facebook Ads you’ll be simply throwing money at the wall hoping something will stick.

Launch4Life - Gillian Whitney

By Gillian Whitney

Communications Consultant


Using Facebook Live for Business to Extend Your Audience

Using Facebook Live for Business to Extend Your Audience

Facebook Live for Business Training

Facebook Live for business? What on earth is that?

Let me explain.

As I’m sure you know, organic reach on a Facebook business page is pretty dismal these days. When we post something to our Facebook business page, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of likes, shares, or comments anymore. The bad news is that too many businesses are now having to buy ads if they ever want fans to see their posts. The good news is there is still one free post type that’s doing well – Facebook Live video.

Using Facebook Live for business is a great marketing strategy. It is free way to promote ourselves and our business.

Mari Smith, one of the top Facebook Marketing experts, recently confirmed that “Facebook is now favoring Live broadcasts, which tend to get more organic reach.” It turns out that most people love watching live video. As a result, Facebook Live video gets as much as six times the engagement over regular video.

According to Mari Smith, here’s how Facebook Live video engagement compares to other content you may be posting.

  • Video posts on Facebook get the best engagement – with an average of 6% (up 2%)
  • Photo posts get 4.81% (down 3%)
  • Link posts get 3.36% (down 7%)
  • Status posts get 2.21% (down 10%)

Facebook Live for business is a smart move for anyone that runs a Facebook business page. Unlike Facebook ads, which cost money, Facebook Live videos are free.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… there are a few extra things you can do to get more bang for your buck.

Secret #1: Add Captions to Your Facebook Live Video

Facebook offers a free captioning tool you can use with your live videos. You can type or upload your own captions, or let Facebook generate them for you. The majority of Facebook users see videos in their timeline with the sound off. When they see captions on your video it will catch their eye and let them know what you’re talking about.

Adding captions to a Facebook Live video


Secret #2: Upload Your Facebook Live Videos to YouTube

Facebook allows you to download your Facebook Live videos. Which means you can repurpose those videos. One idea is to upload your Facebook Live video to YouTube. This creates more content for your YouTube Channel, which helps with SEO. (Every business owner should have their own YouTube Channel. That’s a blog post for another day.) Always remember Google owns YouTube and having content on YouTube helps with your Google Search ranking. SEO baby.

Uploading a Facebook Live video to YouTube

Secret #3: Embed Facebook Live Videos on Your Website

After you’ve uploaded your Facebook Live video to YouTube, you can then embed it on your website. While you could embed a Facebook video on your blog or website, embedding a YouTube is better. We’ve been embedding YouTube videos on to our website for years and found YouTube to be so reliable. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

Not Using Facebook Live for Business?

If you’re not currently using Facebook Live for business, there’s no time like the present. Maybe you have a long list of reasons you’re not already taking advantage of this free and powerful marketing tool. You don’t have time. You don’t know how. You don’t know what to say. You don’t like how you look on video. You don’t like the sound of your voice. Yada yada yada.

“When you need an excuse, any excuse will do.” ~ Robert Vazquez

Please don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. ’ll be the first to admit that I have been riding the “excuse train” for quite awhile. However, I finally decided now is the time to jump in. For a few month now, I’ve have become inspired by a friend and business associate. Sue Clayton, the Serene Solopreneur, is just rocking it with Facebook Live for business. Sue runs a membership site for business women. To keep her members engaged and active on Facebook, she posts at least one (if not more) Facebook Live video each week. Whether she’s at home, at an event, or in her car, she never hesitates to whip out her cell phone and go live on Facebook. Following in the footsteps of my friend and colleague, this weekend I decide to whip out my computer and made my first solo Facebook Live video. For my first session, I decided to just relax and go with the flow. If I can do it… you can do it. The beauty of using Facebook Live for business is that you don’t need any special talent or equipment. Really. If you can write and publish a status post to your Facebook business page, you’ve got this. Plus, you can use any digital device – a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. To get started:

  1. Visit your Facebook business page.
  2. In the status box, click the Facebook Live button
  3. Allow your digital device to access it’s camera.
  4. Smile and get ready to go live – countdown 1-2-3
  5. Start talking. It’s really not the hard.
  6. Your Facebook Live session will be posted to your Facebook business page as you are recording.
  7. Later, you can go back into the video post on your timeline and add captions, download the video, etc.

Facebook Live For Business starting a session I would like to add a few extra tips:

  • If you use your computer, it’s best to do so using Chrome Browser. I discovered that Facebook Live and Safari don’t play nice.
  • It’s important to have a clear idea about WHAT to talk about. Have a specific purpose and stay focused. Try not to drone on and on. Nobody likes a rambler.
  • Think about providing an overview of a specific product or service you offer. Do a quick question and answer session. Or, offer some tips and tricks your audience might find helpful.

Facebook Live videos are an awesome tool every business professional should check out. Try not to get hung up with being perfect. Instead, be yourself and let your unique personality shine through. People like to do business with those we know, like, and trust. Facebook Live videos for business are a great way for your customers to get to know you. So what do you think? Are you ready to start using Facebook Live for business?

Launch4Life - Gillian Whitney

By Gillian Whitney

Communications Consultant


Facebook Followed Me Around the World

Facebook Followed Me Around the World

It can be very challenging when you are away in another country and you can’t use your mobile phone without costing an arm or a leg.  Your choices are using it only when you have access to WIFI or purchase a local sim card. What do you do when you want to make a reservation for a restaurant or need to contact a local store and you didn’t purchase the sim card?

I wanted to have a manicure during my stay in Spain.  While in my apartment that has WIFI, I googled “Nail Places”.  Up popped a couple of places near me.  I saw one that looked appealing.  I clicked to their website.  Sounded good. I was able to see what services they offered, but if I wanted an appointment I had to phone them. Even though I did have a local Sim card, I was a little nervous about calling.  What if they didn’t speak English. After all, I was in Spain. Thankfully, they also had a listing for their Facebook Business Page.  I clicked onto that.  Now we are talking, I could send them a Facebook message.   With a message through Facebook, we could translate.

I sent a message through my Facebook message app.  Within a couple of hours, I had a response, an appointment, and was able to get my nails done.  You can even see the response time on this post, pretty quick.  Thank goodness for Facebook. It didn’t hurt by the way that the owners were Brits. Lucky for me.

This taught me a great lesson of the power of having a Facebook Page. We often relate to Facebook as having to focus on posting  to show up in people’s newsfeed.  We now know that will be a challenge.  But having a Facebook Page is still very relevant.  There will be times people will want to google you and if you have a Facebook Business Page and your template is “Local business” they will not only find you, they will be able to contact you via phone, email or text or directly through the Facebook Messenger.

Gillian and I went to a new start up restaurant for our Sunday dinner this week.  We did both a checkin and a review for this cute place.  Our comments will help them grow their business and allow other people wanting a good dinner to be able to know this is a good choice.

Traveling abroad can be an amazing experience.  But having apps like Facebook can make your lives a little easier.  You can use the mobile app to dial home via phone, video or text.  No charge as long as you are on WIFI.  Makes staying in communication really easy with your family and friends back home or business associates.

If your business doesn’t have a Facebook Page, you may want to consider it.  It is a powerful tool.  Free to build and free to use.  Now there is no excuses.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist


Easy FB Posting Using Your Mobile Phone

Easy FB Posting Using Your Mobile Phone

While recently helping a client with their Facebook Business Page, a staff member asked if she could post directly from her mobile phone instead of her computer.  I was a little surprised as she was very proficient on the computer.  Not sure why she wanted to do that, because you actually have more freedom to create varieties of posts from the computer.  But who am I to judge.  It’s what one is most comfortable with.  My answer to her was of course YES.

Since her Facebook experience has been limited to checking in with her friends, I had to give her a little more training on all the options available on her mobile Facebook app.  Which got me to thinking there may be other people who would like some tips on posting from their phone.

There may be a variety of reasons someone chooses to generate posts from their mobile device.  Maybe you are like this staff person or perhaps you are not always near a laptop, you are on the road, and prefer to create posts on the fly.  This blog post is dedicated to offering up a couple of good starting tips.

FB Apps

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you have downloaded the basic Facebook app as well as the Pages Manager app to your mobile phone or tablet (see FB Apps graphic).

By the way, the Pages Manager app looks very different than the Facebook App.  It has an orange flag sitting on a white background.  It is the application to manage all your Facebook Business Pages whether it is just one or multiple Pages.  I like it because you can do your checking, editing and managing without having to be distracted by your personal newsfeed that you will find in your traditional Facebook app.

Pages Mgr Post

On your Pages Manager app you can manage your reviews, check-ins, shares, see new likes and most importantly create posts.  You also can check your Insights which are your analytics.  But this article is only going to address a couple of posting ideas.  We will save analytics for a blog post another day.

So now that you have your two applications residing on your phone, lets discuss some of the actions you can take.

Let’s start with the Pages Manager App.  You can create a post of text only or text with your own photo or graphic.  Make sure you have a place on your phone where you can find your photo or graphic, usually either your camera/photos or Dropbox.  Open the app, then go to PUBLISH on the Page you are working in (see Pages Mgr Post graphic).  Upload the pic you want and then write some text comments above it.  Press Continue.  Select Publish now or Schedule an actual date and time in the future.  You’re done.     

Pages Mgr More

Another simple task you can do from the Pages Manager app is to go the More tab.  It is the one with the three dots (see Pages Mgr More).  Select “Stories from Pages Like Yours”.  Scroll through the posts and select something that would be appropriate to share on your Page to your customers.  Just click “Share.”  Click “Write Post”.  Make a comment.  Click Post.  Your done.  Isn’t that easy enough.

One last task.  This will be from your Facebook App because unfortunately you can’t do it from your Pages Manager app.  Darn it.  Maybe one day soon.  This is a tip to do a different type of share.  You can share a post from any Facebook business page that you like related to your business or not.  At the top in the search field, type in the name of the business page you want to see (see FB App Share graphic).  Scroll through their posts until you find one you like and is worth commenting to your audience.

FB App Share

Here are the steps to share.  Below the post, you will see “SHARE.”  Click it.  At the next window click where  it says “Write a Post”.  Important hint.  Before you finish, make sure that you are posting as your Business Page not as your personal timeline.  Otherwise the share will be in your personal newsfeed not your business page.  At the top of your app you can change from your personal to business page by the arrow.  Click WRITE A POST.  Write a comment over top of the share that explains why you are sharing it.  Then click PUBLISH.  Note that you are publishing in the moment.  You cannot schedule for a later time.

These three posting tips can be a great start in posting from your phone.  Simple and easy.  Once you get more comfortable with the process there are other applications you can use to sparkle up your posts.  But we will save that for another day.

Try and have a share or new post once a day.  The most important aspect of this daily communication is building relationships with your customers.  Have fun.  See you in a post.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist


Are You Risking Your Facebook Profile for Business?

Are You Risking Your Facebook Profile for Business?

With over 1.8 billion people on Facebook today, it seems it has become a part of our daily lives.  I read that 80% of women between the ages of 18-35 check Facebook before they even get out of bed in the morning.  I don’t know why the stat stopped at age 35 because I know a lot of my friends are checking Facebook early in the morning and I can tell you they are well over age 35.

One of my customers told me the other day that they checked their stats to see when their customers typically check Facebook.  This helps them know the optimum time to schedule their posts.  They said at 5:00 a.m.  Really!  So, see it has become a daily part of our lives.  Their customers are middle aged and senior.  Not the under age 35.

So why does this matter?  It matters because Facebook has become one of the leading methods for businesses to showcase themselves.  People are on Facebook daily looking through their newsfeed to read post messages.

So, what is the best strategy to tap into this market if you want to strut your stuff on Facebook for people to view?  Well a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs are using their Facebook Profile.  That might seem a brilliant idea at first blush.  After all, their friends and family will see their business posts and may even share some of those posts with their friends.  Great idea right?

Many businesses are using this strategy whether from skin care programs to real-estate.  Flood your friends and family with your posts and they will surely take action or refer your open house to a friend.

However, if a business owner shares too much and it’s looking very commercial, your friends might get tired of it and just want to dump you as a Facebook friend.  Yes, “un” friend you.

It’s one thing to actually share your success or share advice that would be interesting to your friends.  It is another story when you are outright commercializing to them.

I have heard and read many reviews of certain businesses that use Facebook to market their products.  The bad reviews include that they hate their friends that are constantly marketing their products on Facebook.  They are tired of it.  So, two things happen here.  They have a negative opinion of the product.  They stop looking at their friend’s posts.  So, either way, it is not a win-win.

So that is one way you are putting your Facebook Profile at risk.  But there is a worst one, if you can imagine.

The second is according to Facebook rules, you should not use your Personal Profile for commercial use.   Don’t believe me, here it is in print:   Here is a screen capture of the specifics on commercial use. That is why they created Business Pages.  For businesses.

To sweeten the deal and encourage you to use a Business Page and it does make sense, they add a lot of features to a Business Page that are not available in your Personal Profile.  A Facebook Page provides analytics on visits and posts, allows posts to be scheduled in advance, and provides additional fields and tabs for your viewers to know more about your business.  They have various categories to help you find the right Page design.  Oh, and it’s free!!  You can link your Personal Profile to your Business Page so your friends can find it easily.  Let them make the decision if they want to see more about your business.

Once they are on your Page, they can “like” it.  Friending is only for Profiles.  It’s a different world in the Business land.  They “like”.  Once they “ like“ your Page, your posts will show up in their newsfeed just like your personal profile posts.

You can schedule your posts to coincide when you know your audience is on Facebook.  If one of your friends “likes” a post their friends will often see that post too.  Expanding your reach.

Potential customers can find your Page and “like” it without you being friends with them.  This is huge.  Your Business Page is 100% public unlike your Personal Profile where you can limit access to your stuff.  You can share your Facebook Business Page link via your website or email address and anyone even if they don’t have a Facebook Account can get to your Page.

Plus, because of the “like” strategy you won’t have to “friend” people that you would rather not be “personal” with.  I don’t want to share my personal interests and travels with strangers.  So, when someone you know in a business situation requests to be friends with you, gently decline and ask them to “like” your page.  Your Profile is for your friends and family, not customers.  Its personal and it should stay personal.  If your business associate has a Facebook Business Page, offer to “like” theirs.  Now you are networking.

Now you can ignore my advice here and just keep doing what you’re doing.  But what would you do if Facebook one day decided to shut down your Profile because you violated the terms of Facebook?  Your business would take a real hit.  We have heard of people having that exact experience happen to them.

So if you still want to occasionally share with your friends about what is happening in your business or your success, that’s ok.  But please make sure you set up a Facebook Business Page to compliment it and use that to actually do your business marketing.

Once you check out a Facebook Business Page you will be shocked at all the good stuff that is available to you that you won’t find in your Profile.

If every evening Facebook hosts over 100 million Americans in Facebook to both socialize and keep up with newsworthy information you want to be there.  But be there in the right way.

Don’t risk your Personal Profile by thinking you can do what you want.  You don’t own Facebook.  It is rental property.  If you don’t obey the rules, you can go to Facebook jail.  Not real jail of course, but I wouldn’t want to lose my status on Facebook, why would you

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist


Try It, You’ll like It – No Not the Pennysaver, Social Media

Try It, You’ll like It – No Not the Pennysaver, Social Media

When Gillian and I first started our business, we had heard the buzz about Online Marketing but had no idea how important the internet and social media are to one’s business success.

First of all, no matter what business you own, whether it is a Hair Salon, a Pizza shop, or you are a coach or musician, if you want to market your business you need to use Online Marketing to get customers.  It’s a reality you must accept.  The first stage is having a Social Media Presence.  Let me explain.

In the old days, we would take out an ad in the local Pennysaver and then wait for people to call us.  Some of you may be scratching your head and thinking what is a “Pennysaver”.  It was the local newspaper and I mean local.  There would be one for each neighborhood, particularly in the suburbs of a large town.  In the Pennysaver, you would find out what was going on in your area and you would see advertisements for different businesses.  Believe it or not, we actually read it, because that is how you got your local news.

Nowadays, forget it.  Besides the fact that most people wouldn’t read an entire newspaper, it’s not how people want to receive the news. They want it in bite size chunks and usually they want to be in control of finding what they want to know.  Isn’t that amazing?  Controlling what you want to know.  So, the Pennysaver became obsolete.  With its obsoleteness businesses could no longer advertise.  At least no longer that way.

Fast forward to today.  Your business has to be where the people are….and surprise, surprise, it’s the internet and social media platforms.  News can be had through the internet in a number of ways.  Online newspapers.  Googling.  Platforms like Twitter or Facebook.  People may join Facebook groups where they can learn what is happening in their interest niche.

But how do businesses let people know about their services in this new world of internet and social media?  If you are a brick and mortar store, many people will use applications like Yelp.  They can research lists of hotels, restaurants, bars, health clubs, hair salons, nail salons, hardware stores, plumbers, insurance agents in their neighborhood or where they are visiting.  Plus, they can check out all those businesses before doing business.  They check reviews on Yelp.  Even Facebook that has a “services” type yellow pages.  Besides a business having a Yelp or Facebook Page, businesses can advertise on those same platforms to get first looks.  That might be easy if you are a brick and mortar business but what if you work at home?  What if your business is virtual.  How do people find you?

You certainly can’t sit around and hope they show up. You need to find your own way to these people through the internet.  Once you find them you need to put a stake in the ground so they can find you again and again.  Which means, shudder the thought, you need to use Social Media yourself.  I know, I know, many of you say, well I don’t like it.  I hate Facebook.  I don’t need Linked-In, I am not looking for a job.  Or any number of other excuses you may have.  But the reality is, that is where the people are.  So, if you want them to find you, that’s where you have to be.

The good news is that there are a lot of social media platforms, so you can choose the ones that are best for you.  Just select a couple and then see what happens.  Here are some suggestions for those that are novices to the social media world.  Find the one that fits best into your business world.  By the way, a lot of that decision making depends on your product and your audience.  Facebook for all ages, Linked-in for B2B networking, Twitter for Generation X & Y college grads for short comments.  Snapchat and Instagram for millennials. Pinterest for the hobby stuff.  Now I know I am generalizing here and there will be exceptions to the rule, but this is a good start.

My suggestion is first of all, pick one or two and sign up as a person, not a business.  Watch what goes on in that particular platform.  Find your circle of friends that are on Facebook. See what kinds of things they post.  Do a little research and see if you can find other businesses like yours.  See what they are posting.  See how many comments or reviews they are getting.  They are your competition.  Collect as much statistics as you can.  Secondly, check out the local chambers in your area.  They usually have a Facebook Page.  You may see members announcing workshops or events in the Chamber’s posts.

If your business model makes sense for you to network with others, sign up for Linked-In and then troll around and look up people that you know or people they know.  See what they are saying on Linked-In.  Are they posting articles?  Do the articles have any relevance to your business?  Or if nothing else, you can use it as a conversation starter, if you want to message them to be connected or talk offline.

Lastly, you could sign up for Twitter and then “follow” people you know or who you would like to know and see what they are up too.  If you like the essence of Twitter, which is short messages, you can create your own comments and see who follows you

Follow the same principals I mentioned above for Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Be prepared to share pictures and videos.

Once you have done your research you can decide which platform might be good for you to host a Business Page for your business.  In time, you will develop some comfort and build a network within that platform.  With your research, you should feel more at ease every day about the right things to say.  Creating interesting posts with some eye candy graphics might take a little bit of time but it’s not difficult at all.  There are plenty of free graphic sites to pick from.  Also, if you find a relevant article share it.  You can share other Facebook, Linked-In or Twitter posts on your Business Page.

Once you have a platform presence as a business and start posting consistently, people will get to know you.  As they see what you are posting, they will get to like you.  And hopefully they will be able to trust you.  That is the objective.  By the way, no one is perfect so don’t worry about trying to be a top-notch professional.  Just relax and be YOU.

Lastly, if you are reading my advice and still feel you are kicking and screaming, you best accept it.  With pretty much everyone having some form of smart phone, every day more and more people are joining social media platforms.  I can’t imagine what the future holds. Who knows what that will look like but I can tell you, if you haven’t adapted, expect to be left behind.

You won’t be kicking or screaming.  You will be dead in the water.

So, let’s get social.  Try it, you’ll like it.

By the way, if you need some help with all this, Launch4life offers one-on-one coaching, online courses, and training.  Check out our free stuff and then give us a call or send us an email if you want to learn more.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist


Dress Up Your Facebook Page: A 5 Step Plan

Dress Up Your Facebook Page: A 5 Step Plan

In my research on Facebook I have noticed that many business owners are using Facebook improperly. Some are using their Personal Profile to market their business. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be “friends” with customers. I want to keep my personal life, well, personal. I invite customers to my office not my home, So I would want them to visit my Facebook Business Page right, not my Facebook Personal Profile. But so many people haven’t figured that out yet.

Meanwhile, the ones that have figured out that they should be promoting themselves via their Facebook Business Page, should take time to make sure the look and message is first class. Dress it up. Many have. Their page is engaging, with good consistent posts that clearly define what their services are and how they can help their customers. But then I have also discovered many Facebook Pages that could do so much better. In addition, many businesses are not taking advantage of the new features that Facebook has just rolled out.

I would suggest to those that have a Facebook Business Page to take a view of their Page as a “visitor” and look to see if it really speaks well of you. Just click the More tab on your Page and click “View as Page Visitor”.

Would I know who your Customer is?

Are you posting at least 3-4 times per week consistently?

Are you posts short and drive home their message?

Are 80% of your posts educational and entertaining with 20% being a commercial?

Have you checked to see if your Facebook Cover Photo is optimized for Mobile (especially with the new changes Facebook just released)?

Do you have a Call to Action Button? Does it go where you want it to go? Test it.

Well those are just a few things to check in your Facebook Audit. Hope this is helpful. If you need some extra help we are just a “Work With Us” webpage away. Dress up that Facebook Page to attract your ideal audience.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist


Facebook Ads: 4 Things to Know So You Don’t Bomb!

Facebook Ads: 4 Things to Know So You Don’t Bomb!

Many small business owners today are looking to social media to help them find prospects and connect with their current customers to build relationships. Facebook as the largest social media platform provides the widest range of people to connect. But many business owners think that it’s easy to purchase Facebook Ads. Its not that easy.

Never before have you had the opportunity to market to your perfect audience. Facebook gives you the tools to target the people that are most likely to be interested in your products or services. But are you ready?

Here are the 4 things you should check before you purchase Facebook Ads. Their importance is vital to the success or failure of your Ads.

#1 You Need a Facebook Page

You cannot purchase Ads from your Facebook personal profile.  So if you don’t have one, that is your first step, create a Business Page.


#2 Know the Goal of Your Ad

Is the goal to drive more “likes” to your Page so more people will see your posts?  Or drive traffic to someplace off Facebook, like a website?  Are you looking to build your email list?  The post you create for an Ad should define that goal.


#3 Is Your Facebook Page Ready For Viewing?

Make sure that your Facebook Page is interesting.  Does it express who you are, what you’re selling, and how you can help them?  Are you posts engaging?  You should be posting on a regular basis, at least 3-4 times a week. A series of posts should already be on your Page timeline well in advance of the Ad launch.


#4 Do Your Facebook Page and Advertising Posts Have Call to Actions?

The call to action is designed for your prospects or customers to be able to learn more, buy something, talk to you, come to a seminar, sign up for a webinar. Your call to action could lead someone to your Website, a Video, Facebook Messenger, your Email, or an Event. Many advertise with some form of Opt-in that is referred to as a Lead Magnet. It’s usually a free bonus. An example would be a Newsletter, an E-book, a Report, or Educational Video – something that provides value. Your goal is to either drive “likes” to your page or to collect prospects’ email addresses. Having them just “Call YOU” will probably not do the trick. Would you call?

Once your Page is “ready” pick your budget, customize that ideal customer audience,and watch your Ad’s development. This will allow you to adjust your budget based on your results.

But what if you are not “ready” to start: your Page is not ready for viewing, or you don’t even have a Facebook Business Page. Do you need some help? If you do, check out our “Work With Us” landing page to see if our One on One Coaching, Facebook Audit, or Online Courses might serve your needs.

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Gillian and Janet

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist