Email Marketing

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Launch4Life writes about a variety of topics to help small businesses better market their products and services. This collection of posts fall under the category of EMAIL MARKETING.

Is Email List Building Still Relevant?

You may be wondering if email list building is still an effective marketing strategy to reach your target market? The short answer is yes. In March 2018, the Radicati Group estimated the number of email accounts worldwide to be 3.8 billion. Even more interesting is...

Stop Spamming with Your Email List

  If I go to a networking event and collect a bunch of business cards, can I add them manually to my email marketing program? Maybe. It depends on the circumstances. If you asked them if you could put them on your list, YES you may. Ask them to write “yes to...

Don’t Resist the List: Why Email Marketing Is Critical

Before Launch4Life first launched we did our homework.  We met with business coaches, devised a marketing plan, completed entrepreneurial courses, attended various marketing workshops and seminars, participated in countless webinars, and read a ton of books. One thing...