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No matter how long you have been in business, occasionally new challenges crop up.  Oh how we wish we had a fairy godmother to give us some advice.  Part of the obstacle might be knowing who is the “right” angel of mercy and other times it might just be plain old dollars and cents.  Your issue could be marketing, IT, accounting, setting up a proper business plan to obtain a loan, partnership agreements, social media or just needing help on an analysis study.  Ugh I hate those. Whatever it is, a quick answer or something more elaborate, where do you turn too?  Ghostbusters!!!!

Today there are many entrepreneurs who have already felt your pain and have built a business platform that helps others with certain issues through courses and books.  Many offer free webinars or paid coaching or classes. But those are generally to help you get from one level to another level, based on the product they sell. They offer great benefits, just like us and worth the cost. But sometimes you need something different, more specific to your particular business need.  You need advice from someone who has been there, done that like a Ghostbuster!!!  I am kidding! The Ghostbusters of today are SCORE Mentors.

Many of you may not be familiar with SCORE.  SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).  This non-for profit offers Business Consulting, Education and Mentoring for all size businesses whether just getting started or who already are seasoned and successful.  They have helped more than 10 million entrepreneurs through individual mentoring, workshops and educational resources since 1964.  They have over 10,000 volunteers that provide FREE mentoring.  Most of their webinars or workshops are free or for a small nominal fee.    With over 300 chapters, quite possible there is a chapter near you.

When I first started out in my business I took advantage of their services. My issue was vetted and then I was matched up to a seasoned expert in that field.  Many of their mentors are retired business executives who have tons of knowledge and are passionate about giving a helping hand.   I was assigned a mentor who was able to assess my problem,  provide wise council and who allowed me to bounce ideas off of until I was ready to solo.   In addition, he suggested some webinars and workshops that he thought would have value for me.  All this advice was FREE.  Could I have asked for more!  Some of the workshops were FREE and a few were a few bucks i.e. $10 -$25.  But absolutely worth every penny.  Some of the chapters offer large one-day events where they will have a host of speakers.  You can be a participant or a sponsor, but both allow for networking.

I have been so inspired by this organization that I have now signed up to be a mentor for SCORE.  With my 30+ plus years in the Insurance and Financial Services Industry with both marketing and managerial experience I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help other budding entrepreneurs.  My online marketing experience for the last few years is a bonus as well.  As a mentor, you are forbidden to solicit business from those you mentor, but as you teach, so do you learn.  That new knowledge will be paramount in helping my own customers.  Plus, it gives me an opportunity to participate in my community and make a difference.  I like that.   I was a little nervous on my first mentoring in training opportunity.  I planned to be a fly on the wall and just listen, but I quickly realized I had a lot to contribute to help these business owners.  I felt really good when I left their office.

If you would like to take a peek at whether You can benefit by SCORE, be it finding a business mentor or signing up for their workshops, here is the link to the SCORE website:  You will be amazed at how you can benefit by meeting with a mentor in person, by video conferencing or email.  Great volunteers ready to contribute to the success of your business. Very importantly, all meeting sessions are confidential.  Your discussion is private.

Perhaps you are ready to be a mentor, or lead a workshop.  They are always seeking new training leaders.

I believe being an entrepreneur is one of the most wonderful occupations.  We have the ability to choose our business, run it with our style, and we tend to give back in many ways. If we can help another entrepreneur up the ladder, it makes us proud, doesn’t it?

So who you gonna call?   I ain’t afraid of no ghost!  Call Ghostbusters……..

Have a laugh watching this classic Ghostbusters’ trailer, then call your Ghostbusters mentor at SCORE.

You will be glad you did.


By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist