Yoda wants to know if you are coachable

They say when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. One assumes that the student arrives like a Jedi student submitting to the learning of his or her Yoda, being Ready, Willing, and Able. But is that true? Are they truly ready, willing and able?

For Yoda to be a successful coach, his student must be coachable in every way. Meaning they must have their equipment, their desire and passion. A mindset to set everything else aside to learn that one kernel of truth that will make them be a Jedi master of their fate. Truly coachable.

If you are the Yoda, is your student aka buyer ready, willing, and able to be coached in what they have sought from you? In Yoda’s infamous words “Do or do not, there is no try“. All three ingredients are needed for a winning combination. It won’t be fair to your customer or to you otherwise. Let me explain THE BUYER COACHABLE INGREDIENTS.


It must be at the appropriate “time” in your customer’s business or personal life that your product is meant for them. They must have the money. Your product must be appropriate for their needs.


They must be committed to take what they will get from you and apply to their business or personal life. This might be the skills or techniques they will learn. It may be hard, but they have to have the persistence, dedication to focus on the end goal. As Yoda would say “Do or do not, there is no try”.


This is more of about capability. Your buyer has all of the tools available to execute what they have learned. This may be equipment, tools, time or money.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how I would apply this to my customer. With that insight you will be able to see how this would apply to your client. Are they ready, willing, and able – coachable?

being coachable using the force

Helping your students to be coachable using the FORCE.

Coachable Stories

Story #1

Susie came to me and wanted me to teach her how to create Facebook ads. Susie was READY to spend the money on my coaching and the cost of Facebook ads. When I looked into her process, there were two issues. #1 she hadn’t set up a Facebook Business Page. Without it, she couldn’t purchase Ads. #2 her call to action was classes at a physical location. I found out that the physical location was temporary. I recommended she wait for my help until she had built the Facebook Page and had locked down a more permanent location for the classes. It was putting the cart before the horse. Susie was wasn’t READY, was WILLING, but not ABLE.

Story #2

John asked why he was not getting conversions from his website to sales. He had been spending a ton of money on Facebook Ads. But no results. Why no sales. I took a look at his website. It was not ready. The ecommerce was set correctly however he was missing key components to get people to know, like and trust him. The blog page had no articles. The social media buttons were not clickable. You could not tell from his website who is “avatar – ideal customer” was. If you signed up for his email list, your email went into cyberspace because he had not set up an email program. Why would I buy John’s stuff? This guy was not Ready, was Willing, but not Able.

Story #3

Paul asked me to help him with a marketing strategy. When I laid out the guidelines to accomplish the goals, Paul couldn’t execute. There was always an excuse. Not enough time. Don’t understand. Or what I heard a lot was “I can’t”. Paul was not ready, nor willing, but able. But the able wasn’t big enough. The willingness to adapt, change, wasn’t strong enough.

Help your students with their coachable buyer ingredients – Ready, Willing, and Able

I love going to see Star Wars Movies. I learn from each movie the dynamics between the Jedi Masters and the students, whether of the FORCE or the “dark side”.  As in my three stories illustrated above, these are painful experiences for both the Yoda master and the Jedi student. The student can think they are ready, willing, and able. But for the master to be successful in their coaching, the student must be coachable in all three. Some are physical things to be changed. Some require a paradigm shift in their mind. Make sure your clients have the three buyer coachable ingredients before you embark on your buying/selling relationship. May your light saber coaching make the difference.

Janet Elie Launch4Life

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist