Hi my name is Janet Elie a member of the Launch4Life team.

It seems like every day Americans receive another tweet from our new President.  He has millions of followers on Twitter.  He also has a Facebook Page with over 18 million likes.  If you want to know what the President is thinking or doing, just check out those two social media platforms.  In addition to that he has his own website and now he is the face of the White House website.

Now, I am not doing an advertisement for the President, but we must look at what those social media platforms have accomplished in helping him with his success.

Social media was a large contributing factor for people making their voting decisions in the 2016 election.  In fact, I read an article talking about how his son-in-law actually played a huge part in managing those platforms to generate that success.  No matter their party affiliation, Americans had the opportunity to check out Facebook and Twitter to find out what they needed to know about the candidates and their positions on certain key issues.

So why is this important?  It’s important to you because you have the same opportunity.  Social media platforms are the go to places for people to gain their information today on several topics not just politics.  In fact, per a McKinsey Report over 1.6 billion people use social media today.

So, if I “Googled” you or your business today what would I find?  Do you have a Yelp Account, a Facebook Business Page, or are you on LinkedIn?  What would I find out about you that would lead me to know about your business and how you help people, whether its serving up food , helping with their taxes, or helping me getting the best haircut.  Today I watched someone in my Facebook news feed teach me about a new product that could grow my eyelashes so I could throw away those false lashes.  Just kidding that I even wear false eyelashes, but my point is, I hadn’t heard of that product before.  But I was given a quick demo and so if I was interested, I know how and where to go.

If you would fail the “Google” test, the big question is do you want to make that change?  If you do, what is first?  Which social media platform and do you need a website or a blog?

The answers depend on the type of business you own.  If you have a brick and mortar business having a Yelp account would be beneficial.  So, would a Facebook Page.  Probably not Linked-In so much.  That is more for business professionals to network one-on-one.  I don’t think a Pizza shop needs a Blog or newsletter, but a coach or cooking chef may want one.  See what I mean?  You have a bundle of options and you need to find out which one is best for you.

My last bit of advice on this topic today is this:  If you failed the “Google” test and you need to make the changes to be seen and known, don’t wait.  Get going!!!  It’s like learning how to swim, do you want to learn in a swimming pool or the rapids?  The longer you wait, social media platforms will get more sophisticated and it will become harder to learn.  Take your first baby steps today and then later as you get more comfortable you will look back and be glad you did.

You are the President of your company.  Let your customers and new prospects know about your platforms and how you are going to help them.  We want them to vote for you.

By the way, we do offer a 30-minute free introductory coaching session to talk about this topic. We encourage you to check us out.

By Janet Elie

Internet Marketing Specialist