Facebook Products & Services

The Launch4Life team offers a wide variety of products and services.  Click on an option below to learn more about working with us, or scroll down for a complete listing. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us directly.

Custom-Build Your Facebook Page

Do you want a Facebook Business Page but you just don’t have the time or the patience to build it yourself? Have you already tried building a Facebook Business Page but you gave up half-way through? Then, let the Launch4Life help you build a Facebook Page that rocks.

This all-inclusive package takes you through all the steps needed to build a Facebook Page that will help you launch your business to the next level.

Price: $500

What You Get?
  • One-on-one Video Conference Coaching sessions with the Launch4Life Team
  • Map out a plan for your Facebook Page goals and audience
  • Launch4Life custom-builds your Page
  • Your choice of profile/cover photos
  • Two custom-designed Facebook Posts
  • Instructions on how to post basic content to your Facebook Page
  • Private course area containing all video meeting recordings, instruction videos, & cheat sheets

Why Facebook?

With a Facebook Business Page, you can create a marketing plan that will allow you to say goodbye to old phone calls, expensive marketing mailers, and dead-end leads. If you are like most business professionals, you already know it’s time to hop on the social media band wagon. But, perhaps you’re stuck with how to begin. Maybe you lack the time and knowledge on how to get started. That’s where we can help.

We have learned that Facebook is constantly changing. Therefore, to try and build a Facebook Page on your own, using a self-study course or book, can be very frustrating. Course developers and/or authors just can’t keep up with the rate at which Facebook is being updated and so instructions quickly become outdated. To solve this problem, we created this program to help business professionals custom-build a Facebook

Why Choose Us?

We will work with you one-on-one to build a Facebook Page you can be proud of. Your Business Page will be professional and ready to share with new and existing customers immediately. In addition, to building your Facebook Page, we will also teach you the basics on posting Facebook content. Finally, once your Page is published, we will even teach you how to get the word out to your family, friends, and business colleagues… so everyone knows your business is up and running on Facebook?


After Working With Us

  • You will have a Facebook Page that represents who you are and you will have all the skills needed to be able to manage it with ease.
  • You will be positioned to grow your customer base because new prospects will be able to find you, learn who you are, and discover how your product or service can make a difference in their life.
  • You will be front and center with new customers that will know you, like you, and trust you.

Manage Your Facebook Page

Once you’ve built a Facebook Business Page you can’t stop there. To market your business using Facebook you need to know how to manage your Page like a pro.  Keeping your Facebook fans engaged requires a steady stream of status updates, photos, and more. Working one-on-one with the L4L Team you can learn everything you need to know to effectively run your Facebook Page.  This custom-package includes a series of private Zoom coaching session with the Launch4Life team.

Price: $250

Topics Covered
  • How to post basic content – status updates, photos, videos, and milestones.
  • How to manage posts – scheduling posts, editing/deleting posts, hiding posts, pinning posts, and external links
  • Page administration – page administrators, visitors posts, ratings, and reviews
  • Likes as a strategic tool – quality vs. quantity
  • Getting the word out – inviting customers to like your page, email strategies, external links
  • Facebook images – customizing your profile and cover image
  • One session dedicated to getting all your Facebook questions answered

Facebook Page Audit

Are you struggling to get “likes” for your Facebook Business Page and don’t know why? Are you wondering if your audience is enjoying your posts? Are you thinking about buying Facebook Ads but you’re not sure if your Page is “ready”? Maybe you need a Facebook Audit to ensure your Page is doing all it should for you.

Launch4Life’s detailed Facebook Audit comes with a one-hour live ZOOM online video conference coaching call to review your Facebook Page in detail. We will explain what is working and what changes you need to make to improve.  Also included, is a written summary of our audit that you can use to make your Facebook Page a “winner”.

Price: $250

  1. After receiving payment, we will send you an email asking you to provide us with the Facebook Page you want reviewed.
  2. Within 5-10 business days you receive an email request to schedule a FREE online Zoom video coaching session to meet with us to discuss your Page.
  3. During the ZOOM session we will critique your Page and provide you with an overview of our written summary.  At the conclusion of call, you will receive the written summary by email.

Facebook Page Administration

Feel overwhelmed with running your Facebook Page?  Delegate a page role to the Launch4Life team. We can help by serve as a Page Admin, Editor, etc.  Available for short-term or long-term contracts. Please note, that after the 5 hour retainer has been met, an ongoing flat monthly rate is negotiable.

Price: $100 per hour (minimum 5 hour retainer)




Custom Facebook Posts

Looking for customized posts and images for your Facebook Page? The Launch4Life team can create custom-tailored posts, covers, and event images.


Price: $50



Price: $100


Event Images

Price: $100