Business Coaching

Business Coaching With the L4L Team

Developing your business or taking it to the next level requires research, strategizing, and getting the best value for your budget.

Knowing what types of marketing will net you the best results can be trial and error. However, having a coaching team to help you with those decisions – can minimize the time needed for success.

The Launch4life team has years of experience in business and online marketing as well as coaching skills to help you plan what is right for your business. Maybe its trusting your passion and gut. Or perhaps its more specific, like knowing what marketing programs will best yield the results you need to find more prospects and win more customers. Or possibly you need a whole new perspective on how to successfully grow your business.  We provide guidance, support, accountability and encouragement.

With our one-on-one coaching, whether it is a one-time meeting or a series of sessions, you will have the opportunity to engage with us and feel comfortable in the conversation. Our coaching can be done by phone or video conferencing to meet your needs.

The Kinds of Coaching We Offer:

  • Have you bitten off more than you can chew?
  • Are you doing what will be successful?
  • Are you loving what you do?
  • Do you need help with your marketing plan?
  • Analyze what’s working and what’s not.
  • Do you need a website?
  • Should you start a blog or newsletter?
  • Choosing the best social media platforms for you – Facebook Page, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Should you participate in or host a Facebook Group?
  • Do you need a Yelp account?
  • What’s involved in creating e-books, seminars, or hosting webinars?
  • How to develop an online course?
  • Help you implement new marketing strategies you’d like to pursue.

We offer a free introductory 30-minute telephone coaching session. So give us a try and see if we are the right coaching team for you.  We’re two ladies, two different backgrounds, ready to coach you to success. We’re looking for the people – that are looking for us.

Ready to Begin Coaching Now?

Lauch4Life offers one-on-one coaching using two methods.  Primarily we like to meet with clients via Zoom, an online video conferencing program. What we like about Zoom, is that it allows us to meet with you face-to-face and participate in remote screen sharing.  For clients that would rather use traditional conferencing options, we are also available to meet via telephone conference calling.

Use our coaching scheduler tool to book your appointment.  Our scheduler is integrated directly with Launch4Life’s online calendar, which allows you to browse through the available time slots and choose an appointment that best meets your needs.  Payment is required at the time of booking and we accept all major credit cards.


  • 30 minute coaching sessions = $50
  • 60 minute coaching sessions = $100

Zoom Videoconference - 30 Minute Session

Price = $50

Telephone Conference - 30 Minute Session

Price = $50

Zoom Videoconference - 60 Minute Session

Price = $100

Telephone Conference - 60 Minute Sessions

Price = $100